Tips for packing mirrors for moving cross-country from North Austin

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Mirrors are fragile, and they demand special attention. It’s actually a lot like packing artwork. So, when packing mirrors for moving cross-country, do it carefully. You can also count on full service movers Austin. They will handle them with care. And be sure that they will provide the top quality services. Well, nobody wants the seven years of bad luck that a broken mirror brings. However, you must pack them properly. Also, you have to use appropriate and good-quality packing materials. That way, you will be sure that your mirror will survive such long transportation.

Things you must pay attention to when packing mirrors for moving cross-country

When packing mirrors, pay attention to frames. They can easily get cracked. Thus, they should be well secured. Also, the North Austin movers recommend paying special attention to frame edges. They are usually sharp. Thus, by adding additional protection to them, you will save other items. You can either buy the corner protectors or add more wrapping to the corner parts.

A person packing box with fragile items, like packing mirrors for moving cross-country.
Don’t forget to write FRAGILE on the box when packing mirrors for moving cross-country.

The mirror surface can sustain two types of damage. It can get cracked. Or it can easily be scratched. So, always use the proper packing material. Improvisation will not help you much.

The packing material to pack mirrors for cross-country moving

It is important to know that good quality packing material is a key for the safe hauling of your mirrors. So, to ensure mirror safety, local moving companies Austin TX advise using:

  • mirror box
  • paper moving pads
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • corner protectors
  • packing tape
  • labels

Investing in good packing material pays back. You can always use it afterward to pack other fragile household items.

Preparing the mirror box for safe packing

This is actually a strong box made of cardboard. It is coming in four separate pieces that interlock together. And they are adjustable. Thus, this is making your job easier. You can adjust the box to any mirror size. In case the task is too hard for you, you can always use the services of furniture movers Austin. Besides having skilled staff, they also have an assorted selection of quality packing materials. And all this for the highly affordable prices.

Inside the storehouse with metal storage units.
When storing mirrors, the storage has to be climate controlled.

Before you tape and label the mirror box, test it

Once you have completed wrapping and putting the mirror in the box, it is good to test it. Carefully lift up the box and shake it slightly. If you hear anything shifting inside, you should add more padding material. Once, you immobilize the contents, the box is ready for closing. Tape it and put the label on the outside. Don’t forget to write FRAGILE, or HANDLE WITH CARE on the box.

Preparing your mirror for storage

It can happen that you need to keep your mirror in storage for some time. There are many storage facilities available in Austin. However, when storing mirrors and artwork, storage must meet certain requirements. It has to be secure, clean, and has climate-controlled options, as the storage North Austin has.

Renting storage has become usual nowadays

Renting the storage unit to gain additional space at home has become normal. So, when you are moving to a smaller space, there is a solution. You can simply give a call to the storage pick up service. This way, you will not need to bring things to storage yourself. And when moving, saving time is very important. So, having a company that will pick up your things and move them to storage is excellent news.

When moving delicate items like mirrors, packing them well is essential

Packing mirrors for moving cross-country, or preparing them for storage, demand the same procedure. In both cases, they have to be properly handled. Otherwise, they will not survive transportation. So, packing mirrors is a bit tricky. And it is very different from packing items like pillows or linen. In case you are not feeling confident, hire professional assistance. They know how to safely pack mirrors and artwork. And you will have one less thing to worry about.


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