How to use leftover moving boxes in your office

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After all of the hard work of packing and moving, thanks to moving and storage Austin, moving into a new office provides such a sense of fulfillment and belonging. Each box you unpack reveals a new storage area for your possessions and new methods to make your new working space seem like home. However, you’re left with empty cardboard boxes and no clue how to get them out of the way or put them to good use. Check out these inventive applications to see how can you use leftover moving boxes in your office.

Use leftover moving boxes in your office for the organization

Take a glance inside your file cabinet to find out what to do. When it comes to paperwork like tax returns, job files, and other important documents, those drawers aren’t big enough. Use leftover moving boxes in your office to store old photographs, paperwork, and anything else that is taking up room in your desk drawers or filing cabinet. This will help you become organized by labeling boxes that don’t have to be visible, but you’ll know what’s inside and where they’re kept. Even if you stay with no space, you can send those boxes to full service storage Austin TX to keep them. That way you will always know that your important papers, which you don’t need to use so often, are safe.

Two people organizing moving boxes in an office
Use leftover moving boxes in your office to organize paper

Do something good for the environment with the leftover moving boxes

You may also recycle your leftover cardboard boxes in your office by taking them to a recycling site. Although it may seem strange, many individuals recycle moving boxes daily. There are other advantages to recycling moving boxes. Recycling cardboard boxes is not only good for the environment, but it also helps to minimize trash. This is because they are broken down and repurposed into other items such as cereal boxes or egg cartons, requiring less energy to manufacture in the first place. If your location lacks a local recycling facility, breaking them down and bringing them to local recycling bins is also a better option than sending them to a landfill.

Take your leftover boxes home

Once your commercial movers Austin TX leave you with unpacked boxes, take them home. There are many interesting DIY projects and box ideas that you can make yourself. You will need just some extra supplies and then you can make:

  • decoupage letters for your wall,
  • accessories for your office,
  • and decorations for your shelves.
A family playing with cardboard boxes
Take the leftover moving boxes from your office to your home and make some DIY projects

Return the leftover moving boxes from your office to your movers

If you hired safe movers Austin to assist you with your relocation, they can take the boxes back. Returning moving boxes helps businesses save money overall. While you may not be able to receive a complete refund on the boxes, you will be able to reclaim part of the money you paid on them.


As you can see, there are many ways to use leftover moving boxes in your office. Whatever you choose to do, you won’t waste them. Apart from moving and enjoying your new office, you can get some new things, organize your papers, or make a good deed.


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