Moving into a new home in South Austin: mistakes to avoid

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You’ve decided to go to South Austin. We as one of the most reliable Austin area movers would like to help you with this. So, we’ve prepared some tips for moving into a new home in South Austin: mistakes to avoid. We want you to have an enjoyable move with as less mistakes as possible. Let’s not waste your time and so let’s dive in!

Consider hiring professionals when you move to your new home

If you have the appropriate budget and you don’t have a lot of time or you want all of your belongings to be moved without being damaged, think about hiring professionals. This is our tip as one of the most trusted movers South Austin. We know that you’ll consider talking with friends and family over this, but this will save you a lot of time. On the other hand, professionals are trained, they have the proper knowledge and most importantly experience in doing this. So if you want a smooth move, consider this advice.

When moving into a new home first check your moving company

Once you’ve decided to hire a moving company. You have to check them. You can do this in two ways:

  • Word of mouth – This is an old-school popular method, or simply a  recommendation.
  • Online research – This is more popular nowadays, a fast and reliable method, but you have to be careful.
Girl looking at her laptop, thinking about how to avoid mistakes while moving to Austin;
It’s crucial to check your company. By checking them online it can be faster and sometimes even more reliable, so we encourage you to do so.

If you have time to research you can check moving companies on Better Business Bureau. But if you are in a hurry talk with friends and family or do research local companies on Google.

Moving into a new home in South Austin without a storage

So if you’ve budgeted all and you’ve decluttered, but you still have a ton of things. The first thing that you should consider if you don’t want to donate or sell but there is no more room in the truck; is storage. Nowadays they are a popular solution so we can offer you ideas for storage South Austin, which has AC built-in. This is important since it’s very hot in Austin and also if you have some belongings that aren’t heat resistant or might spoil, you’ll need that AC storage.

Avoid the mistake of not packing properly before you move

Now moving as you probably know by now has a lot of stages. One of them is packing and this one is a stage composed of many stages. Some of the stages are making a list of all the things, it’s like a stage, then deciding what to keep, store, throw away, donate or sell. After that, you have to be careful how to pack all of those things. Then you have to choose materials, boxes tapes, etc.  While you’re doing this you should also think about how green your moving is? Do you want to use eco-friendly boxes, tapes, and other materials? Do you want to use more plastic or paper?  All in all, if you are not sure about any of this, or you don’t have enough knowledge, you can either do the extra research and pack things by yourself or seek help from professional moving companies.

Man bubble wrapping and woman opening a new tape, before moving into a new home in South Austin;
Before moving into a new home, one of the mistakes that you should avoid is packing badly. You should research how to pack or hire a moving company.

For some people, this will be a really interesting and fun task which is by the way time-consuming. It’ll take you a lot of trips to the store, a lot of logistics and planning. Then there is picking the right boxes, going back and forth, labeling, checking all the labels, rechecking, etc. While for some people just hiring professionals that know their job and are time efficient will do the job. So it’s on you, to decide which option suits you the best.

Moving into a new home in South Austin with your pets

So this is one of those more delicate moves. You’ll have to be extra careful doing this one.  If you need furniture movers Austin we can help you with this, no problem, but pets are another thing. Since they aren’t a thing they are being just like us, you’ll have to be with them for the whole trip. If you are moving from far away don’t make a mistake and not visit the vet. Also, they’ll give you some pretty useful advice for the move. Since pets will change their environment, and climate, the whole ecosystem will change for them as well as for you. So do that extra step and visit the vet. On the moving day back at your place it’s best that they are with you (if you aren’t with movers) or at your friend’s house.

Don’t forget to change the address on your documents and check your utilities

This one happens now and then but try not to forget this. Now when we say address we mean a lot of paperwork.  You have to change your home address this will take up to two weeks, after that you’ll have to update your bank account, ID, new driver’s license, and license plates. You can do this two weeks or one month before your move and also don’t forget about your utilities. Now when we talk about utilities we must make a checklist. A couple of the most important utilities you should worry about are home security, cable, internet, water, gas, electricity, and recycling (or garbage). Those are some essentials, you can make your own list if you have more of them.

A woman in a uniform, looking in an AC storage unit at shelves with a checklist in her hands;
If you want to move with your pets then also you can use cages with AC. But if you want to keep some stuff consider using storage with AC which is great for things that can spoil quickly.

Moving into a new home in South Austin with encrypted and backed-up computer

Last but not the list, this step is becoming more and more common since nowadays computers are everywhere and they’ve become everything.  Keep it close, buy some extra hard drives or use the cloud to back up the data. This is in case your computer is lost or damaged, so take good care of it. You could also consider using short term storage Austin for this delicate task.  So if you’re moving into a new home in South Austin these are the mistakes that you should avoid. Have a great move to South Austin!

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