How to work with your moving company

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Tips by Austin movers when hiring a moving company

As you are planning your move, you need to pick a moving company to ease the stress. It is important that you find the best moving company in Austin to get your needs serviced properly. On moving day, it can get confusing and tiresome. The following guide will provide tips on how to work with your moving company, making sure your moving experience is smooth, efficient and affordable.

How to work with your moving company
However, with the help of full-time employees who will manage apartment moves from moving furniture to all other services, you will be assured of a stress-free experience.

How to work with an Austin moving company

Get in contact with many different movers

When trying to choose which mover is the best for your needs, it’s important that you get in contact with several different companies. This way, when they give their estimates, you can compare them all side by side.

You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have recently moved to make sure they had a pleasant experience with their moving company, otherwise do your research. Some companies include the cost of moving supplies in their free estimate before your moving day.

Be prepared to answer questions about what type of move it will be.

There are three types of moves: full service (company provides everything but labor), full load (company provides all materials but labor) and do-it-yourself.

A good moving experience will depend on how you communicate with the service provider on what type of move you prefer.

Outline your particular requests.

If you have a specific demand make sure they can accommodate this need before signing any documents or agreeing to anything. For example: if you need the movers for a certain number of hours, need them on a holiday or weekend, etc., tell your mover in advance to avoid any problems from arising during your move. You may also ask for moving supplies for your long-distance move if you need them before packing.

How to work with your moving company
If you have a specific demand make sure they can accommodate this need before signing any documents or agreeing to anything.

Request quotes from several companies and compare prices. 

Remember that moving costs can vary depending upon how much stuff you have inside the moving truck and its distance to your new house. You need to be prepared to give a thorough list of items to your Austin mover.

Get everything in writing before you sign anything.

This includes getting a complete list of everything that they are promising to do for you, if it is included in your price, and when they expect payment from you along with what type of payment will be accepted.

Be prepared for any changes in price before signing anything.

If it is something out of their control such as gas prices or an increase in demand causing shipment delays, clarify this with the moving company.


How to work with your moving company
Always get a complete list of everything that the movers are promising to do for you.

Check the company out with your local Better Business Bureau.

This will help you avoid any problems in the future. When you have someone else backing up your decision in case anything goes wrong between yourself and the mover, you’re guaranteed of a stress-free move.

Keep track of your items.

Whether moving them into storage or when they are in transit, keep receipts for everything that you moved with serial numbers recorded just in case. This way, if anything happens, you can file a claim based off of these records.

How to work with your moving company
Always keep track of your items before and during the move.

Be wise when scheduling your moving date.

If possible, avoid weekend moves especially on a Friday, which is one of the busiest days for professional movers. Everyone wants to go home early, causing delays throughout the entire moving process for everybody involved.

Keep all of your evidence for at least 6 months.

Secure all your paperwork after the completion of your move. Just in case there is a problem later on, you have proper documentation to present to your local movers in Austin, TX.

How to work with your moving company
Secure all your paperwork after the completion of your move.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to work with your moving company

  1. What’s the best way to select a moving company?

    Compare prices beforehand to ensure that you are getting the best deal available from moving companies. Select one that has been in business for at least 5 years or more. It should also be backed by positive reviews from previous customers. 

  2. What if there are changes in the agreement with the moving company?

    Ask for written (not verbal) confirmation of any date changes. This could prevent issues if something goes wrong during your move.

  3. What’s the best way to make sure I’m getting the services I need?

    Check your moving contract carefully to make sure that everything is accurate and correct. This could save you from unnecessary headaches, stress, time and money once everything starts rolling along afterwards.

  4. Can movers in Austin help me unpack my belongings?

    Yes, a moving company can get you up to speed unpacking your staff. Ask what their moving services include. Other Austin moving companies also offer additional services to meet your moving needs for a great service whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move.

  5. What other services does a moving company offer?

    This varies from one moving company to another. Some experienced movers provide moving services only (loading and unloading your things). Other professional movers can offer more than just the heavy lifting of your boxes and all the furniture. This includes packing supplies, moving bulky items, furniture assembly and storage solutions. It’s like hiring a personal move concierge that will handle an amazing job of moving your things to the Austin area, Cedar Park, North Austin, Round Rock, Dripping Springs, Bee Cave, San Antonio, Fort Worth or any area that involves long distance moves by moving companies.

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