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If you find a good company to provide you with professional packers, you won’t have much trouble once they start working. However, every job needs some preparation beforehand. Movers probably don’t know which room to pack first. Also, a lot of your stuff is really dusty and it would be pretty nice if you could clean it up before they arrive. You should do a few things to make it easier for the packers. That way, you will make sure their service will be at the highest level. Let us help you prepare for professional packers using this guide.

Write a moving calendar to prepare for professional packers

The best way to stay organized is to make a calendar, or if you have it, to keep it up to date. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with bankers, bakers, or tailors. Maybe you just want to downsize or are trying to plan to say hi to your friends. That way, you’ll avoid a lot of trouble. You will be able to schedule storage rental Austin and stay on track. You can use the calendar on your smartphone or you can buy a paper one. Either way, you will have a big advantage if you do it.

A woman is looking at a list.
Creating a calendar to make your life more organized is a perfect way to prepare for professional packers.

Downsize, donate, or discard

This is a must when it comes to relocations. Before you call your storage pick up service, you should make sure you’ve done everything in your power to reduce the amount of stuff you have for the relocation. Downsize as much as you can and if you have something you don’t need and want extra cash, sell it. However, if you can live without the few extra bucks you’d get from selling all the excessive stuff, you should donate it. That way you’ll help a really big number of people. If an item is not useable in any possible way and you can’t sell it or donate it, you should discard it.

How downsizing will help you prepare for professional packers

  • It will reduce the overall time it takes to relocate with Austin area movers
  • It will decrease the cost of packing and moving
  • You will help those who are less fortunate than you by donating your stuff
  • If you opt for a garage sale, you will earn money to cover your moving expenses

Clean everything before the packers arrive

There are a few benefits to why you should clean up to prepare for professional packers. It’s only natural that you will clean up after the move with furniture movers Austin ends. However, it’s also pretty important to do it beforehand. First of all, your movers will appreciate it because they won’t have to work in a dusty environment. Also, no one likes to work in a cluttered home. All the stuff you don’t move will just take up space and stop the packers from doing their job. So, it’s much better to clean up and have the packers do their job the way they are supposed to. Speed and efficiency are really important for any good moving company.

Toss away any items you can’t transport

There is certain stuff your movers will probably refuse to move. Here is the list.

  • Any kind of perishables
  • Hazardous and poisonous items
  • Aerosols
  • Explosives, ammunition, and sometimes even guns
  • Gasoline, coolant, car oil, and brake fluid
  • Paint and thinner for paint
  • Chemicals like chlorine, liquid detergent, or bleach
  • Lighter, charcoal fluid, and other flammable stuff
  • Sometimes they will even refuse to move plants
A man is holding a box and a cup to prepare for professional packers.
Make sure you clean up the place before and after the packers finish with their work.

Put all the stuff you’ll be handling yourself in one room

If possible pick a room that can be locked. Sometimes the bathroom or the closet will do the best. So, pick a room, put your stuff there, lock it up and leave a sign for the movers not to enter the place. You should take care of some stuff by yourself to prepare for professional packers.

You should handle your medicine and toiletries by yourself. Also, make sure all your work documents and computers stay with you during the relocation. The same goes for guns and ammunition. You don’t want your guns to end up in the wrong hands. Stuff like passports, wills, and birth certificates is pretty precious so make sure you’re the one handling them. Phones, chargers, and tablet computers don’t need an explanation. Just look at how much you paid for them. There is also stuff like jewelry and family photos that have a really high sentimental value. If you can’t arrange with your bank to transport it, you should do it yourself.

Point out which items are high value

Most packing services Austin has to offer will gladly handle all of your high-value items, but you’ll have to point out which ones they are. A lot of professional movers have their own inventory lists they use for this kind of occasion. They will put all of your items on a list so that nothing goes missing. On this “high-value inventory” they’ll describe what the item really is, what’s its condition and what’s value, which room it came from, and probably its serial number or whatever else they deem relevant information.

Take pictures of your stuff

Once you’ve done everything to prepare for professional packers and all your stuff is in one place, you should take pictures. Take pictures of all boxes and the inside of those boxes and you will protect yourself from getting robbed by doing so. All pictures that are date- and time-stamped are very valuable if something among your belongings does get damaged. Keep a separate file somewhere on your phone or computer and be sure to back up the pictures to any kind of cloud service such as Amazon or iCloud.

A computer is on a desk.
Use any cloud service you have to store the pictures of stuff you will be packing to prepare for professional packers.

Take care of children and pets before packers arrive

If you have kids or pets, you should make sure they aren’t in the house or at least that they are in a separate room. That way, you will prepare for professional packers and give them room to do their job well. If you follow all the steps properly, you’ll be packed in no time.

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