Key qualities of a good storage facility in Texas

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If you are planning a move or you simply need a storage unit so you can declutter your home you need a good quality storage unit. There are a lot of storage solutions Austin that can fit your needs. But you need to learn what are the qualities of a good storage facility. You need to make sure that your belongings are in good hands, and with a little bit of research that can be done. Before you sign a contract to rent your storage unit, make sure that it ticks all the boxes.

Safety if your items are one of the main qualities of a good storage facility

Safety should be a primary thing that you check when you start looking for storage facilities. It is one of the main traits of a good storage facility. Simply said, your items should be there when you go back to get them. But besides having a good lock on the doors, there are other things that show how safe the storage facility is. A lot of movers TX offer storage, so feel free to ask them about all of these things:

  • The storage facility should have a good and quality fence as the first line of defense
  • It should have a gate so they can control who gets in and out of their storage facility
  •  Ideally, a storage facility should have a guard on site
  • 24/7 surveillance ensures that there is always someone who is taking care of the facility
  • Fire safety is also a must quality of a good storage facility
security cameras on the wall as one of the qualities of a good storage facility
A secure storage facility that has security cameras should be your choice!

Location is also an important trait

Depending on how often do you plan to visit your storage unit, you should pay attention to location. If you plan to hire hourly movers Austin to help you move everything into the unit it is much better to pay a little bit extra and have your storage near you. Also, if you plan to visit your storage regularly it will be much more convenient to have it near your home. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to go there or you need it between the moves- it might be better to have it far away so you can save some money.

Different size options are also one of the qualities of a good storage facility

Being able to offer different sizes of storage units is one of the really important traits of a reliable storage facility. When you have just two or three options, you will end up with either a too crowded unit or with an empty one. But when a storage facility offers different sizes, variations, flexibility that means a lot. No matter do you need car storage Austin or one small bin – they will be able to answer your need. And that also makes this a good trait of a storage facility.

How does the storage facility look?

When you visit the storage facility, pay attention to details. How well is it maintained? Is it clean? Are there any damages? Does the whole place look like it is well maintained? You might have found the best moving services Austin Texas, but you need to find the best storage facility as well and these details can make all the difference. If the answer to all of these questions is yes, congrats! You have found an ideal storage facility with good qualities.

person cleaning storage
Cleanliness is one of qualities of a good storage facility

The climate-controlled storage units are a must!

It is becoming more and more clear that climate-controlled storage units are a necessity and not a luxury. Every reputable storage facility with good qualities should be able to offer them. More and more items require a climate-controlled storage unit. Simply, keeping your belongings at the unit that provides the same temperature and humidity guarantees fewer possibilities for damage. In a normal storage unit your belongings go through all temperature changes. And although different temperatures might not damage them humidity and moister will. A lot of items are sensitive to this.

For example, if you want to store your piano, and you call piano movers Austin to avoid damage while moving it, storing your piano in a regular storage units guarantees that it will get damaged. On the other hand, if you store your piano in a climate-controlled storage unit – it will be the same as the first day you stored it. That is why offering climate-controlled storage units is a must and one of the food qualities of a storage facility.

Storage facilities must be clean

Running a clean storage facility is not something that can be overlooked. Having a clean storage unit without unpleasant surprises is something that is basic for every storage facility. Of course, although your storage facility and the unit itself should be clean, there are some items that can’t go into storage like perishables so you won’t attract pests. So, before you sign a contract make sure to check every corner and make sure that you won’t come to an unpleasant surprise.

Do they offer insurance?

One of the traits of a reputable storage facility is insurance. Although this might not be the first thing that crosses your mind, it is very important. Being able to insure your things, especially if you use safe movers Austin to relocate your safe to the storage unit is important. If there is an accident that you can’t control, you will have the insurance as a backup plan, and the ability to get it from your storage facility shows that they do care about your belongings and not just your money.

insurance written on a paper
Sometimes insurance can be the best trait of a good storage facility

Create a checklist of qualities of a good storage facility that are important to you

Now you know what traits of a reputable storage facility are important, so you can create your checklist. Sort them from the first and most important qualities of a good storage facility to the least important ones. After that, start writing down the ones that are less important. Make sure to check with a couple of different storage facilities before you make a final decision. Make sure to choose the storage facility that fits your need but also has important good qualities.

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