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Moving your office and entire business can be a nerve-wracking experience. Before you transport your office to a new place, there are many actions that you have to take. Creating a moving plan, packing, transporting, and many other things are awaiting those who plan this kind of relocation. But this is just half of the way to a successful move. After your goods reach your new office in Austin, there is a lot of work to do. Moving companies Austin will be there to help you. Office relocation is very important both for you and your employees. In addition, people usually care what their office environment looks like. If the office is full of unnecessary clutter, it can cause nervousness to your employees, especially after the move. Therefore, read this article to discover some office decluttering tips and tricks after your move.

Straight after the move

Many people think that moving is over once your goods reach a new destination. But this is not the case since there is more work to do. Now moving in can start. And this is also a perfect moment to declutter your office by following some office decluttering tips. Commercial movers Austin TX have brought many boxes into your new office space. Since unboxing is a serious process, we advise that you make a deal with your employees to help you with it. This will make the job much easier and it will take less time to finalize it. Arrange the date and time when you plan to start opening boxes. In addition, make sure to start as soon as possible, so you can set up your office shortly and do your business. Everything that prolongs the action can have an impact on your business development.

a woman and a man applying office decluttering tips
Start unboxing with the help of your employees

Some basic office decluttering tips

When it comes to decluttering, it should start before the move. But it may happen that you were busy during the packing process, and maybe packed more than needed.

a man carrying cardboard box
Try to apply some useful office decluttering tips

There is no need to worry, as you can still declutter. Since you have labeled all the boxes, start opening those with office furniture, as it makes the most of space. For every piece that has some damage, or does not fit in the space, label and put aside. You can use storage North Austin to store any of the items you currently do not need. Storage units are pretty safe to use regarding furniture protection. Later on, you can decide what to do with those pieces. In addition, you might donate, or sell them when the moment comes. Therefore, create a list of the items you plan to take into storage before packing them.

Get rid of the items you do not need

Office decluttering can be successful only if you are objective. That means that you should not be sentimental regarding unnecessary items.

a man carrying a box in the office
Take the goods into climate-controlled storage units

Of course, you do not have to throw them into the trash. You can still keep the items in storage for example. Items that are not part of everyday business life should not take up precious space in the office. Go through the documents. You would be surprised how much of your documents you can digitalize. Just in case, you can save and keep hard copies. Climate controlled storage Austin is a perfect solution for such sensitive items as paper documents are. In this kind of storage, you can also keep some paintings that you have maybe received from business partners. Anything valuable and climate-sensitive will be safe there. Prepare those items and store them in boxes. Do not forget to label them as sensitive.

Obtain packing materials of different kinds

As you will be having different kinds of items to pack after decluttering, you will need a different kinds of packing materials. Try to have as much open space as possible. This will create a new fresh atmosphere in your office. In addition, your employees will be more productive at work. Therefore, gather on the date you previously agreed upon, and start putting items into boxes. If you do not file safe regarding packing large, fragile, or expensive goods, consider hiring packing services Austin. While movers are busy packing heavy goods, you can spend your time on smaller items. This way packing will be over shortly so you can start dedicating some quality time to doing your work. Also, you may reuse certain boxes that you used to pack your office before the move. This is a great way to save on packing materials.

More office decluttering tips on the way

Decluttering does not mean only getting rid of the items you no longer need. Now that both you and your colleagues put everything in its place, you will need some cleaning as well. Since you will be spending a great deal of your day there, it is important that the space is polished. After setting up all the desks and putting all the computers and devices, wipe the dust off the surfaces. Make sure to add polish to the furniture. Clean your keyboard, monitors, and air-condition. Also, make sure to Febreze your seat cushions. If you plan to put some carpets in the space, make sure to take them into cleaning. Carpets should be multi-colored better than dark colors. Also, try not to block your windows with heavy curtains, so you can have more light in the office space.

It is very important to declutter your new office straight after the move. Luckily, there are many office decluttering tips that you can easily apply. Put the things you use the most in the upper drawers or on the lower shelves. On the top shelves store documents that you do not need so often. Also, space decluttering will increase your employees’ productivity. Everybody thinks more clear in the clean space with only necessary items around. Remember to put some plants to give life to your new office. Look forward to spending some great time with your co-workers in a nice, fresh, and clean Austin office.



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