Complete Packing Guide to Round Rock

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Packing guide tips by the best movers in Round Rock, TX

As one of the major economic centers in Central Texas, Round Rock is teeming with many industries that contribute to the area’s business outlook. Some of the industries that abound in the area include innovative manufacturing, professional and financial services, technology and computing, and life sciences and healthcare. If you’re thinking of moving to Round Rock, here’s a packing guide to help you when moving to this great place with the help of the best local movers.

Complete Packing Guide to Round Rock
Round Rock is teeming with many industries that contribute to the area’s business outlook.

Experience the vibrant Texan culture but less the metropolitan vibe found in Austin or San Antonio in Round Rock. It’s a great place to relocate to with the family or if you’re starting a new career. No wonder, it’s been voted as one of the coolest suburbs in the country since it’s family-friendly and has plenty of options for outdoor activities. It also has top-rated public schools and colleges and some of the best neighborhoods you can discover.

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Things you should know about Round Rock, TX

Round Rock’s suburban landscape and laidback living make it a top choice among families and young professionals who are looking for a great place to settle down into. Its schools produce top performers; its business sector is booming. Everything you need is in this place to say the least.

But don’t let the burgeoning economy mistake the place for being too busy. In fact, Round Rock is still considered a small community in a big land. Friends and families enjoy gathering in public parks, shop for cool finds, dine in Tex-Mex restaurants, and watch their favorite minor league teams in stadiums.

Most residents would tell you that the cost of housing is affordable in the area, which makes the suburb a better alternative to Austin!

Complete Packing Guide to Round Rock
Round Rock is still considered a small community in a big land.

Creating a moving checklist for you and the local movers in Round Rock

With a bit of preparation and organization before your big move to Round Rock, the chaos will be much more manageable as you pack up your life and head to your new home if you create a moving checklist. Before you start packing boxes or hiring movers, sit down and write the tasks you need to accomplish before the move. Keep this list on hand as a guide throughout the process to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

A moving checklist will therefore help ensure that nothing is left behind and you can move completely stress-free.

To begin, make a list of everything you will need to do to move. This may include packing your belongings, reserving a moving truck or van, notifying friends and family of your new address, and much more.

Once you have a general idea of all the tasks, you can begin filling in specific details for each one. In that case, you will want to create a packing timeline specifying when certain tasks should be completed (e.g., start packing one week before the move, pack heavier items first, etc.).

If you are hiring professional movers, be sure to ask them what supplies they will need on moving day (e.g., boxes, packing tape, labels, etc.) and whether they will assist with tasks such as disconnecting reconnecting appliances.

Once your moving checklist is complete, print it out and post it in a visible location so that you can refer to it often in the weeks leading up to your move. And don’t forget to cross off each task each time you complete it. Nothing feels better than checking something off a list!

Complete Packing Guide to Round Rock
If you are hiring professional movers, be sure to ask them what supplies they will need on moving day.

How to pack when moving to Round Rock

Prepare packing materials

Packing paper is a good material for wrapping objects. This type of packing material won’t work for everything though as some other items need more sturdy protection.

Bubble wrap or egg crate foam can also be another option as these materials are typically lightweight but can provide an adequate amount of protection from bumps and bruises.

Moving boxes are also essential when holding various items. These boxes come in a wide variety of sizes, so it is necessary to find ones that match the items being packed up. Boxes with lids can be great for smaller objects such as books, pillows, snacks, and more, while open drop bottom boxes may fit more oversized items such as appliances or furniture pieces.

Newspaper can be used as a barrier between the glass and other items, making moving a lot easier. It is essential to fill in all of the cracks and crannies with newspaper before placing anything in the box so that nothing will shift during transit.

Label everything

It is crucial to label each box with what is inside. This will make it easier for the movers to know where everything goes, and it will also help during the unpacking process. Not only should the boxes be labeled, but each item inside of the boxes should be too. This way, if anything is misplaced or lost, it will be much easier to track down.

Pack heavy items on the bottom

It is a good idea to pack the heavier items on the bottom when filling up boxes. This will help keep the box from becoming too heavy and awkward to carry. This method is more likely to keep fragile objects safe and sound while in transit.

Hire a moving company 

When looking for a moving company, it’s essential to get several estimates and compare prices. Be sure to ask the companies about their insurance coverage in case of damage or loss. It’s also important to check out the company’s website and read reviews from past customers.

Choosing a Round Rock moving company when moving to Round Rock

When selecting a moving company in Round Rock, consider the following:

Local knowledge

Local companies tend to offer better customer service since they usually employ workers who live right in the area. Also, if there is an accident during transit, it’s more likely that the insurance coverage on the local mover will be sufficient for reimbursement.

Licensing and insurance

Your mover must be licensed and insured. Ask for proof of both before signing any contracts.


Read online reviews of potential San Antonio movers before making your decision. The internet is an excellent resource for this kind of information, and you can usually find both positive and negative reviews.

Having positive customer reviews online shows that the local movers have a good track record with their current and past clients. If you can’t get reviews or testimonials from them, that should be a red flag for you to look elsewhere. It’s also helpful to ask friends and family members for recommendations. You’ll get an idea of how they went through the process of choosing this kind of service provider.


Get quotes from several Round Rock movers to get the best deal. If you choose a flat rate pricing policy, you should ensure that they will charge you only by the basic moving services and by what is stated in the contract. Otherwise, there are high chances that something will go wrong with your move, or the company will try to cheat on its estimates without any explanations.

Industry awards

Only a few movers in San Antonio, Austin and other Texas cities are recognized for being the best of the best in their field of moving services. This speaks volumes about their quality of service and reliability as a professional moving company.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, be sure to ask the companies questions about how they can help you with your moving needs. Find out how long they have been in business, what kind of equipment they use, and whether they provide packing services. Some movers in San Antonio and Austin also offer storage unit services and packing supplies to their customers.

Finally, be sure to get everything in writing, including the move dates,  included services, and the cost. This will help ensure that there are no surprises on moving day.

Frequently Asked Questions about when moving to Round Rock and choosing the best moving service

  1. What are the best nearby attractions in Round Rock, TX?

    Some of the best attractions that you can visit include Dell Diamond, Old Settlers Park, Dragon Stadium and premium shopping outlets.

  2. What are some of the best family activities to do in the area?

    You can spend weekends with the family at Chisholm Trail Crossing Park, Round Rock Public Library, The Williamson Museum and Escapology.

  3. Does Round Rock, TX have good schools to offer?

    Round Rock ISD is highly recognized by the Texas Education Agency, earning an impressive accountability grade of A in 2018. The ISD’s 51 schools have more than 50,000 students. Some of the best colleges include Texas State University, Central Texas Beauty College and Texas A&M Health Science Center.

  4. What are the nearby cities and towns?

    Some of the nearby popular towns and cities include Pflugerville, Jollyville, Cedar Park, Anderson Mill, Georgetown, Leander, Taylor and Austin, TX.

  5. How can I make my move to Round Rock, TX as easy as possible?

    If you’re planning to move to Round Rock, it’s essential to work with a moving and storage company in Round Rock and Austin that will help you pack, transport and unload your belongings to your new home.

  6. Is Round Rock, TX an excellent place to raise kids?

    Round Rock is an excellent place to raise kids. The city has excellent schools, plenty of activities for kids, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

  7. How efficient is the public transportation in Round Rock, TX?

    The public transportation in Round Rock, TX is excellent. The city has a comprehensive bus system, and several rail lines run through the city. There are also great bike trails and on-street bike lanes to encourage biking in the city.

  8. How early should I pack my stuff?

    When making apartment moves in the Round Rock area or anywhere else, you’ll definitely have a storage problem. It can be useful to hire a storage company when packing. Although this may cost you a bit, the benefits of moving stress-free are typically well worth the cost. Many professional movers in Round Rock and Austin now offer moving services as well as storage unit services.

  9. How can I make sure I’m not dealing with illegal Round Rock, TX movers?

    Moving companies are mandated by law to be licensed, bonded and insured. This will keep you confident that you’re working with a professional full-service partner. It would help if you also looked into the company’s track record with current and past customers. You want to know who you will be working with ahead of time. This prevents any guesswork regarding how the moving process works with these moving companies.

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