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One of the greatest questions that bother every person preparing for a move is where to start. Moving tips are precious during this stressful time. The list of tasks that you need to do is long, but luckily it is possible to finish everything. With the right planning, there would be plenty of time to tick every step from the to-do list and still find time to relax a bit. Remember that many people went through this and so will you. One of the best ways to ensure a safe and successful move is to hire movers TX. Together with your movers, you can put the ultimate guide to follow at all times. Remember that moving is more than just packing. Therefore, if you are not sure what to include in your moving plan, movers can help. Also, read this guide on how to prepare your home for moving.

Start with some simple steps

First of all, take some time to sit and create a moving to-do list. It is much easier to go and check all the tasks that you have done, than just rushing around without any idea what to do next. Plus, you will save not only your time but also your precious nerves. Why not move like a pro? That means starting on time. If your movers say that you need two months for preparation, better make it three. Using moving services Austin Texas will speed up the whole process. Get your binder and create a moving folder on your computer. In addition, share it with your household members to ensure you do not miss anything. Create a separate fold of moving documents, contracts, and receipts. Also, store other financial documents such as a mortgage, loan agreement, lease, etc.

a man writing and a woman holding a box
Prepare your home for moving by creating a to-do list

Remove the unnecessary to prepare your home for moving

Now is the perfect time to get rid of all those items you keep for years and which do not serve any purpose.

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Remove the items you no longer need

Let’s face it, those items will collect dust in your new home as well. In addition, you do not have to get rid of them for good. For all the items that only have sentimental value, consider storage solutions Austin. In a storage unit, you can keep anything from china, furniture, or even your car. While moving, life still happens. So it is good to prepare for anything that can distract you from the moving plans. Also, it is great to know that you can rely on additional storage space in need. Also, consider other important steps as to whether you will ship your car, buy moving insurance, and get packing materials. Remember to give yourself enough time for all these actions.

Get right packing materials

When moving home, you need many different kinds of packing materials. On your packing supplies list, there should be boxes of different sizes and materials. For soft or light items such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, or books, you can use simple cardboard boxes. When it comes to more sensitive items such as glassware, kitchen appliances, and other electrical devices, you should get boxes of sturdy material. This way you can ensure safe packing and transportation. If you need extra safety, consider hiring safe movers Austin. Movers with great packing experience will provide the best protection for your goods. Remember to take photos when unplugging your electronics so you can know how to connect everything properly. Put your jewelry in plastic wrap and keep your valuables in a separate box with you at all times. Also, pack and label all the food properly.

a woman sitting among boxes
Obtain different kinds of packing supplies

Transfer utilities before the move

When trying to figure out what you need to prepare your home for moving, think about the things you need the most immediately after the relocation. Water, electricity, and gas should be on the top of the list. Therefore, you should transfer all these services, including cable and internet providers. Regarding some complex items that need disassembling, consider hiring hourly movers Austin. Since they charge by the hour, you will spend less time packing. Plus, your items will be safer with your movers’ skilled hands. In addition, for packing other more simple stuff, ask your friends to help you out. Remember to pick all your clothes up from the dry cleaner and return any library books you have stashed away. Any other memberships that you have in a local gym, or yoga classes remember to cancel on time so you do not get charged for a new month.

Prepare your home for moving by getting insurance

One of the most important steps in moving preparations would be getting moving insurance. Most moving companies provide basic type of insurance for free. In case you wish to transfer some highly valuable items such as a car, or a piano, you will need additional moving insurance to put in your moving contract. Apart from the basic coverage, there can be either partial or full refund and replacement in case of a total loss. It is always better to ensure your goods as anything can happen on the way to your moving home. In addition, check your movers reputation, including their license number and customers’ reviews. Regarding money, jewelry, and other family valuable possessions, the best option is to keep this with you in a separate box. Whenever possible, use your card for payment, but also have some cash on the side just in case.

There is a lot of work to do in order to prepare your home for moving. Planning ahead of time with a precise checklist can make things much easier. In addition, do not forget to notify your landlord about your moving on time. Also, leave enough time to say goodbye to your friends and family. If possible, even make a farewell party. Cancel all the services, including trash and recycle taking. Double-check everything to make sure you do not miss any important step on the way. Very soon you will be enjoying unpacking and decorating your new home.



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