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Moving is known to be a time-consuming and energy-wasting enterprise. It takes thorough preparation and organization to conduct a moving process. However, there are times when moving happens on a whim or unexpectedly and you need to adapt your pace to this situation. Doing everything quicker than you usually would require a lot of logistics, to make up for the lack of time. Over the course of the relocation process, you might find yourself in need of storage space. If you need to rent a storage unit to securely place your stuff before moving, Heavenly Moving and Storage offers tips on how to pack for storage on short notice.

Reasons to take a storage unit

Whether you are moving, renovating, or just decluttering, removing stuff from the house temporarily can be a major convenience. On top of that, your household and personal items will not linger outside the house, in a damp basement, or in a crowded garage. For all these reasons, taking a storage service with a professional moving company seems like a relief. Outstanding services provided by storage space Austin offer a variety of advantages when it comes to storing your belongings:

  • Climate-controlled storage that keeps your items dry and ventilated and prevents humidity, decay, and damage
  • Easy door-to-door delivery and pick-up conducted by trained and polite staff
  • Cost-efficient service, as it gives you the option of paying only for space you are actually using

There are some specific situations in which opting for storage can be a lifesaver. For instance, if you are a student leaving the dorm for summer break. In this case, renting a storage unit would make your summer longer and stress-free.  Opting for services of student storage Austin, you will completely avoid the hassle of moving your stuff across the country and back to college.

students searching for storage online before they pack for storage in short notice
Book a storage unit and pack to store away your belongings while going home for the summer

Research storage restrictions

Before you start packing, find out more about storage restrictions. With most storage services it is prohibited to store dangerous and flammable items, perishable food, medicine, plants, and valuables. If you are not sure what you are allowed to place in a storage unit, consult with a professional. Moving experts at storage South Austin will guide you through storage terms and conditions. This will enhance your time management, given that you will sort your inventory faster and more easily.

Make an inventory to pack for storage on short notice

Now that you know what you are not allowed to take to storage, you may put the rest of your items on paper. Make an inventory to speed up the process of your packing. This way you will be aware at all times which items you have put in storage. It will make it easier to keep up with your belongings. Also, once you pull the items from storage you will have a checklist to go by and make sure everything is in place. For additional efficiency write down which box the item is placed in.

a notebook and a pen on the desk
Create a checklist to speed up your preparations and pack for storage on short notice

Pack your boxes properly

When packing for storage on short notice there are a few things to keep in mind. First, use transparent plastic boxes rather than cardboard ones. This way it is easier to see what is inside the boxes and you will save time looking for a specific item. However, if you opt for cardboard boxes, be sure to label them properly. Instead of just putting the sign “fragile”, list out all items that the box contains. In case you are not quite certain how to go about packing, packing services Austin offers professional assistance. The skilled staff will pitch in to help you pack, saving time on your tight schedule. Also, think about accessibility once the items reach the storage. Make sure that the items you might need to pick up from storage prior to your moving day are on top of the bunch and close to the storage unit door.

Keep in mind that you must pack fast and smart. Leave the breakables for the very end. Wrap each fragile item in bubble wrap or packing paper, leave no space between items, pack them in small boxes and use packing peanuts for extra padding.

Those who really lack time and expertise, such as students, have the option of professional help at their disposal. Experts for student moving Austin will not only help you pack, but also simplify the whole relocation process.

How to handle furniture and appliances

Before placing furniture in a storage unit it should be dismantled for easier transport and storage. Since you are packing for storage in a speedy manner, ask your friends and family to help you out. This will speed up the tiresome and long process of disassembling furniture. Taking large items apart results in better utilization of storage space and minimizes any potential damage.

Properly packing kitchen appliances will preserve them from dampness and damage

As for kitchen appliances and electronic devices, make sure they are dry and clean before packing them. Wrap them in bubble wrap or their original packages and make sure they are firmly sealed. If you possess plenty of electronics, find tips for packing electronics on how to properly pack them in no time.

Be practical and think in advance

While hastily packing your items to be placed in storage, try to do practical things at the same time. Pack your things in a way they are easy to unpack once they leave the storage and reach your new home. When you arrive at your new abode, you will want unwrinkled clothes within arm’s reach. To prevent your wardrobe from getting wrinkled, put it on clothes rails instead of folding them while packing. This way your wardrobe will come out of storage neat and ironed and skipping the folding part will save you time while you pack for storage on short notice. Make sure all your devices, appliances, breakables, and furniture are packed quickly and pragmatically for storage.

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