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Relocations are in themselves very strenuous and full of obligations. But, when the care of things is upgraded to that, that is, whether everything will arrive whole and preserved in a new place, then that is a real pain! Once you’ve chosen one of the best local movers Austin, it’s time for the most important thing – packing fragile items!

Successful packaging is half the job well done. It is very important that your belongings are properly packed and secured so that there is no damage or complete breakage. If you are in a situation where you have time to prepare for the move, start preparing the protective material in time. If you haven’t indulged in the expert hands of moving service Austin, it’s time to learn how to pack your sensitive items!

For starters, what are fragile things anyway?

This includes all those things from your home that are prone to breakage and need to be handled more gently than most other things. If you have too many of them, and you don’t have room for them in your new home, it’s time for renting a storage North Austin and safely store them for a while. Well, here are some fragile things that often move:

  • Plates
  • Glasses
  • Glass bottles
  • Framed paintings and artwork in general
  • Sculptures of marble or plaster
  • Lampshades
  • Mirrors

How to pack plates

Plates are one of the most common things people move. Also, these are the things that most often suffer during relocation. It would be best if you could pack the plates in a sturdy box, which will not burst from the weight of all the plates. Be sure to place a piece of cardboard or bubble wrap between each plate. When arranging them at the bottom of the box, whether it is cardboard or plastic, make sure that they do not have space to move around the box. If there is space left, fill it with a larger towel or crumpled newspaper.

If you have opted for storage rental Austin, then it would be good to pack the plates in the original box, to make them easier to spot in the storage. Take a picture of the plates, if you don’t have the original box, and then print them and stick the picture on the box. If you have an original box, be sure to glue it well with duck tape.

Colorful plates and spoons
Packing fragile items like plates has never been easier

What about glasses and glass bottles

When it comes to glasses, the situation is quite similar to plates. What is recommended is to pack them in boxes with dividers, if you have them, to reduce vibration to a minimum. If you do not have dividends, make them yourself with the help of cardboard or simply wrap them in paper or bubble wrap every glass. Wine or champagne glasses are especially sensitive because they have long stands, which are easy to shoot. Pay special attention to them.

If possible, leave or dispose of all bottles with little wine in them. Don’t get tired of packing so many bottles in two sips. Pack bottles of wine in solid boxes, wooden or plastic. Coat each with a towel or plenty of newspaper to reduce friction and the impact of the bottle on the bottle during transport. Your wine collection can also be taken to the storage if you have no place to store it in your new home. All you have to do is call the storage pick up service and they will take it to the store for you.

Packing fragile items like artwork

If you are moving a lot of pictures, be careful. It can happen that if you do not pack them well, the paint will fall off, the canvas will tear or the shoulder will break. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? Therefore, get a picture box, the bottom of the styrofoam peanuts. Also, between each picture, put some protection, cardboard, styrofoam, paper, or some canvas.

Artworks on the wall
Take care of picture frames, they are very sensitive!

Chinese vases, decorative plates, or decorations must also be very well secured. Put everything in smaller boxes, with more protective materials, to avoid collisions with each other. Each box must be well glued and the bottom secured. You wouldn’t want to pick up a box without your grandmother’s Chinese vase you inherited falling through the bottom, would you? Therefore, do not save duck tape. Glue the bottom several times to make sure it doesn’t crack. Of course, all boxes must be dry! Sculptures of marble or plaster are usually so large that they do not fit in any box and must be moved by professionals. But pack small works of art from this material in the same way!

Pack your lampshades easily

If you are someone who loves lamps, moving is not an ideal opportunity for you. Lamps belong to sensitive furniture because they have a light bulb, but also a lampshade that is fragile. Make sure to separate the lampshade from the rest of the paw and always place it flat. Fill around with styrofoam peanuts or paper and fill the lampshade’s interior cavity with packing paper. Don’t use newspaper, as the print may rub off onto your lampshade.

Lamp with lampshade on the desk
Wrap the lampshade in packing paper, not newspaper!

Don’t forget to protect the mirrors

Mirrors are certainly the most sensitive thing to pack. When you pack them, you always try to follow the principle – one mirror, one box. This will ensure that there is no friction cracking. The mirror must be lined on all sides with protective paper or cardboard, and protective paper or styrofoam must be placed around it to accommodate a soft mirror stand. There are special boxes and packing material that you can order to pack all the fragile things, even the mirror.

Now that you look at it, packing fragile items isn’t so complicated, is it? It is only important to be careful and more importantly – not to stare at the packaging. Prepare boxes, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, as well as papers, newspapers, and a lot of duct tape on time! Be sure to mark everything with the inscription “fragile” in red. That way it would be easy to stamp. Good luck!

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