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Moving can be quite a hustle. The most difficult part is transporting everything safely. That’s why many people seek the help of professionals, like Heavenly Moving and Storage. However, a move can be difficult to pull off even then. Bulky pieces of furniture usually pose the biggest problem. They can be difficult to pack and even more difficult to move. Therefore, it’s important that you know what you’re doing. Out of all pieces of furniture, you need to pack up and transport, your king size bed will likely be the most troublesome. Some disassembly will likely be in order. You shouldn’t take this difficult task lightly. It’s easy to damage your bed if you’re not careful enough. Furthermore, some pieces could get lost during the chaotic moving process. That’s why you need to do this right. We can help you learn how to pack your king size bed like a pro easily.

Pack your king size bed
When moving, bulky furniture can be the most problematic to pack. Therefore, you need to learn how to pack your king size bed.

Ask yourself if you should move your bed in the first place

Decisions you have to make during the move will influence your move soon enough. When it comes to your king size bed, it’s important for you to decide whether to move it at all. It will require a lot of resources to disassemble it, pack it and transport it. You need to cut your losses where you can. Why would you pay for an extra truck? If your bed is old and worn-down, you could simply toss it. However, even if your bed is brand new, there are other solutions you could explore. you could always put it in storage North Austin, if you decide against moving it.

Moving companies often offer their storage services at affordable rates. If you’re not sure you need to relocate your king size bed, you can put it to storage. Whether it’s too large or too fragile, storage is a great solution for your king size bed. You should consider asking around for storage rental Austin, before your take on the difficult task of moving your bed.

Get the supplies and consult the professionals on how to pack your king size bed

Before you start packing, you need to make sure you have the right moving supplies. Decide on the right box sizes. If you have the original boxes for your bed and mattress, put them to could use. Otherwise, you’re going to need to buy the moving boxes that are the right size for your bed. Make sure you measure your mattress. Furthermore, you should measure the bed from each side. Even after you disassemble it, moving furniture requires you to buy large boxes.

You can also try to make a deal with your movers. Inform them about the size of your bed. Furniture movers Austin can usually offer some useful advice. These are the people who will move your bed. Professional movers will know exactly what you need to do in order to pack the bed most efficiently.

king size bed
Before you pack your king size bed, make sure you have the right supplies. You can also seek the advice of the professional movers.

Disassemble your bed carefully

Before hiring moving service Austin, you need to make sure everything is ready. Your king size bed needs to be packed and ready to go. Once you get boxes that are the right size and the rest of the moving supplies, you can start. Some of the things you can’t afford to miss include:

  • removing the mattress 
  • disassembling your bed to its key components
  • categorizing the components – put the elements that are similar in size together 
  • labelling each box clearly so you know where everything is
  • putting the boxes that include bed parts together

Some of the moving companies pride themselves on being able to move heavy items with ease. When hiring moving services in Austin, look for companies that specialize in moving bulky items. Furthermore, you can leave the entire packing process to the professionals. Many companies employ professional movers who also handle furniture assembly and disassembly. That way, you can be sure that your bed is safe in the hands of the professionals who know what they’re doing

Make sure you pay special attention to the mattress when you pack your king size bed

The mattress will likely cause the most trouble when disassembling and packing a king size bed. Due to its size, it can be difficult to move it down the stairs, let alone across the town or country. Therefore, this is one part of the moving process where professional movers can come in handy. If you have the original box for your mattress, that’s perfect. On the other hand, you can always use plastic wrappers. Make sure you cover the whole thing.Furthermore, if you want to make your life easier, you can simply hire a storage pick up service. Put your mattress to storage for now and don’t worry about it until you’ve handled everything else. 

king size bed
The goal of moving is to transport everything safely. You should consider all possible options when it comes to moving your king size bed, storage included.

Plan everything in advance and the move will go smoothly

Now that you have what it takes to pack your king size bed like a pro, your move will be a breeze. Remember to get everything you need in time. As the moving day approaches, you might feel the stress getting to you. You don’t want to forget to buy something important. In addition, you should contact your local movers Austin well ahead of time. Provide the information about your move. Furthermore, you should go into as much detail as you feel is necessary. That way, your movers will be able to tell you how best to prepare your king size bed for the move. Once you’ve set the date and everything is ready, you can relax and put your trust in your movers.

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