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A storage unit is the safest place to put your belongings. Whether you are moving or just downsizing your home, you can store your items there indefinitely. Also, you do not have to worry about damages as everything is protected from outside influences. Of course, not everything you own can go into storage. Some items are by federal and state laws prohibited. This ban is there, not only for your protection and that of your belongings. Also, it protects the storage unit and the people working there. It is why you should always check the rules and regulations of the storage facility and the laws of the state you are in. Heavenly Moving and Storage have prepared a list of all the prohibited storage items. It will help you avoid any inconsistencies while using the unit.

Among prohibited storage items are a few types of chemicals and materials

There are certain types of prohibited storage items that can be dangerous to store. And most of them you will find inside your garage. Therefore if you are cleaning out the garage because of the move, you should carefully go through all the items. Put on the side gasoline, propane tanks, oil, grease, paint, kerosene. If you are not sure if you should put something into a storage unit, ask North Austin movers for advice. Anything that has a warning sign that it is highly flammable or toxic for humans, you should avoid. It is because items like these need special conditions so they can remain safe in storage. That also includes fireworks, weapons, and ammunition. Additionally, any medications and other medical chemicals are a big no.

a lot of buckets with paints and a hand holding a brush
Paint is also among the forbidden storage items because it is highly flammable

Food is also banned storage item

Food is another item you should not put inside a storage unit. Unfortunately, not even the ones that have temperature control. It is an item that can get bad fast, and the first thing that will happen is that the smell will invade other units. Their belongings and yours, if you have something besides food, will smell pretty bad. Likewise, the odor is not something you can easily clean out of your furniture, for example. Therefore before long distance movers Austin arrive, make sure to throw away all the food and perishables. Secondly, food is an item that needs certain conditions so that it is properly stored. Otherwise, it will quickly attract all the pests. You will end up with a storage unit that has an infestation of incest and rodents alike.

You should not put into storage animal and plants

A storage unit is a closed off segment of a larger facility. There are no windows through which the sunshine can penetrate inside the unit. So storing plants would just be cruel for them. In no time, they would wither and die without direct exposure to light. So if you are relocating on a budget and taking all the plant with you will just drain it, do not worry. It is possible to get affordable moving quotes Austin which will help you save some money. However, it is perfectly alright to put inside all your gardening equipment, minus the fertilizer. Secondly, you should not put it into a storage unit any animals. Doing it is cruel and inhumane.

a plant in a pot
Among all prohibited storage items anything alive is extremely dangerous to keep because it will not survive inside for long

It is not allowed to store wet items

One of the biggest dangers to the safety and integrity of a storage unit is mold. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that it is not up to them to help avoid it. Yes, storage facilities Austin are thoroughly cleaned and maintained. So when the customers need it, they are clean of mold and pest-free. However, if you store a wet item in a storage unit that does not have proper ventilation or windows, you are in a lot of trouble. Because in no time your belongings will get moldy. Unfortunately, this is something that from a lot of materials is impossible to clean. Therefore if it rains on the day of the move do not forget to bring a couple of towels. But once you finish, do not leave it in the corner to get dry, bring it home with you.

Do not store valuables in a storage unit

Among things that you should not put into storage are valuables. Of course, every facility guarantees that its units are safe against break-ins. Unfortunately, this is not something that is 100 percent bulletproof. Even with the cameras operating 24/7, break-ins do happen. So even if you are renting a climate controlled storage Austin TX that is inside the building, do not store any of your valuables. That includes jewelry and any other priceless items. The best place for them where you will have all the necessary security is a safety deposit box. Or if you are moving and that simply keep them with you at all times.

two rings
Nobody can guarantee that all your valuables are safe inside the storage unit

Always check the list of prohibited storage items

There are a few prohibited storage items that are banned all over the USA. However, if you are not completely sure about something, always check the laws of the State of Texas. Additionally, you can ask the staff of the storage facility for assistance. But some common ones are toxic and flammable chemicals, perishable foods, plants, and animals. Also, do not put any valuable items like jewelry or priceless art even if you have insurance. You never know if something might happen, and you will lose them. Following these rules will guarantee that your belongings will be safely stored.

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