Safety tips for moving IT equipment

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We take special care of fragile items when we move in, so make sure everything is secure and labeled according to the material inside. However, what we often forget to do is consider our IT equipment. While most home electronics are very durable even when in use, you should still take the utmost care to promote the durability. During the moving process, IT equipment can be easily scratched or cracked, so it can be a good idea to find movers in Texas. Some parts may be lost, or some may even have internal damage – hiring professionals is your best option in order to protect your IT equipment and have it delivered in the best possible state to the new location. To protect it even better, dig into article and find out how to deal with moving IT equipment!

man prepares for moving IT equipment
Back up all the files before moving IT equipment!

Back up all data and files before moving your IT equipment

Make sure you back up important data before storing your computing devices. Also, set your passwords to be more complicated to guess because in the rare case, when your tablet or laptop is stolen, it is important to protect your personal information. You can use password managers to create random passwords for each website and account. There are the necessary requirements that you should follow when creating the password, such as:

  • Always use the uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Make sure to include at least one number
  • Try to use symbols instead of some letters, or at the beginning and the end of your password

Be careful when packing computing devices

As we know, IT devices can contain many parts. Some of them are optional, but there is also the core part of the device itself. After unplugging, put all the appropriate cords in the same bag and clearly label them. The box tends to shift during transportation. The set of cables may hit the device of the main unit and cause it to wear out. Keep the cords away from the item with bubble wrap or paper to avoid the damage. For large devices such as computers and items that have screens, pack them facing up. Tilt to one side increases the likelihood of scratches on the surface, imbalance of weight, and damage to device. Consult commercial movers Austin TX if you need more advice or professional packing services for your business equipment. 

man woman and computer
Treat computers with an utmost care when packing to avoid damage.

The original package is the best for moving IT equipment

Have you ever recycled a box of your Laptop? Ideally not, because you should keep the original packaging! They have built-in packaging that the device fits perfectly, withstands transportation travel, instructions on how to connect the cords, and space for cords / additional hardware. If you don’t have the original package with instructions, movers South Austin will take good care of your IT equipment. For example, before removing the spare computer, take a picture of the cable setup so that everything can be connected seamlessly. Experts also suggest color-coding the code to reflect the plugs that the code matches. In the end, if you have the original package you won’t have to spend a minute labeling the boxes because you’ll know exactly what’s inside! 

Empty the devices before packing

If you need a battery for one of your devices, remove the battery before packing it and moving it. The same goes for printers or other accessories that contain ink cartridges. Due to temperature fluctuations and moving boxes on the go, the ink may be leaking during transit or overheating the battery. Ink leaks can cause permanent damage to various personal items, so be careful! With equipment such as Blu-ray players or computers, remove any items such as CDs ahead of time so they are not lost or damaged.

man and a printer
Be extra careful when packing a printer – cartridge ink can damage items.

Try to use blankets when moving your IT equipment

Since bulky flat-screen displays won’t fit in standard moving boxes, you can cover these items well with soft blankets and place them against a wall to provide support. Never store them horizontally or place anything on the screen, as the pressure can irreversibly damage some types of screens.

Unpack them as soon as possible

Your IT devices may be moving intact, but what about the packing process? Many professional movers like long distance movers Austin recommend unpacking your electronics sooner than later. This will avoid any damage that may occur when the box moves from one room to another. Setting up Wi-Fi, a Laptop or a computer with all accessories will quickly turn your home into a workspace.

Handle computer devices carefully

As you needed to be careful about packing, unpacking is even more important. Open the box in the room where the IT device will be installed. When unpacking, check all packing materials for small items such as cables and screws. If you’ve cataloged the box, make sure you have everything in the box. Do not throw away the packaging until you make sure everything is working properly.

Try to air-conditioning the space

If you live in a new home, bring your IT equipment home as soon as possible. Leaving them in a garage, on a truck, or under a shed is the best way to damage them as they are exposed to various elements and regular temperature fluctuations. If you can’t move into your new home right away, you may need to rent storage space for several weeks. In that case, find an air-conditioned storage facility with reliable security such as full service storage Austin TX. If there is housing available, choosing at least one floor above ground will also reduce the risk of water damage or flooding. When storing devices in a storage box, it is also important to keep them close to the back of the box. 

In conclusion

Although most safes are secure, there is always the possibility that thieves will want to steal IT devices. Closing them makes them invisible, and placing them in the back makes it difficult to access the IT equipment. Finally, be sure to store your computing devices in well-organized boxes to avoid crushing them. When driving, make a conscious effort to secure them as well as other household items. This effort will keep your belongings safe while transporting them to your new home and that will give you peace of mind. If you have stored your IT equipment in a storage unit, you can always schedule storage pickup and delivery. And of course, you can also contact us for more information about moving IT equipment and we will respond to you with the best answer we have.

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