Reasons why college students should rent storage in Austin

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If you are a student or a parent just wondering why my student child needs storage? We, as one of the most reliable moving companies Austin would like to help you get familiar with the situation. We’ll present with you some of the reasons why college students should rent storage in Austin. First of all, we all know that students have a lot of things, and now, since the rise of websites like Amazon and eBay in 2010, people are buying more and more stuff.  Especially students who have a very limited amount of space. Let’s see how the storage can benefit you or your kid, while they’re having the time of their life. Let’s dive in!

Why college students should rent storage in the first place

There are several reasons why renting a store is important, especially in the long run.  So the first reason is that it saves money. Especially if you’re moving during the summer, you won’t want to go back and forth a couple of times to pick up all of your stuff. Will you? Especially since most holidays are in cold winters and hot summers. So it’s much easier to just store all of your things away in a climate controller or regular store and be done with it; plus you can access it any time. Now the next reason is security – our storages are extra safe, and they’re under video surveillance 24/7, plus they have alarms. There is a probability that a burglary will occur throughout the summer or during any other vacation season. We can say that maybe when students are out of dorm and town, someone can break in.

Two CCTV cameras mounted on post;
When choosing proper storage, except for climate control it’s also important to have proper security like CCTV cameras.

So our first two reasons were saving money and security, and now we’ve got the third reason. You can do yourself and your parents a big favor by moving everything at once. This means that you should bring as many things as possible with you and hire storage right away. This way you can access all of your things at any time that you want. Also, once you’ve moved to your apartment, if you don’t know where to put what, you can always return it to the storage. Young students moving Austin should also think about renting climate-controlled storage; it’s better at protecting fragile items and your stuff won’t get that “moisty” smell after staying in the same place for too long.

How to rent a storage unit for college students  in Austin

When it comes to renting storage certain factors come into play.  The first one is size matters, and that will affect the price. Think about how many things you need to move, this will also affect the price of the move. The price of the whole move and storage will be lower by renting a smaller truck or a van and by having less weight and boxes. We offer student storage Austin, and because we know that students sometimes forget valuable things inside the storage, security is of paramount importance to us. We’ve provided you with the list of characteristics that storage units should have:

  • They should pick up your belongings at your dorm or home
  • They must be licensed and experienced movers
  • Secured with cameras, alarms and climate controlled
  • Charge you for the space that you’ll “really” occupy
  • They should deliver your things whenever you ask them to
  • They’ll make your storing experience stress-free and will save your money and time
  • Storage for your car
Two man walking in the climate controlled warehouse;
We would advise you to think about using climate-controlled storage since your things will be safer, they won’t smell bad after a while; and if something is perishable, it’ll be much safer in here.

That’s it if you can find a company that can match all of these requirements, you’ve probably found the right one. Also, try to look for the reviews online because we, as short term storage Austin know that there are a lot of phony companies. So take a look at some of the reviews and look at the companies that aren’t the cheapest. Sometimes you can save your money but not your things, think about that.

Proper decluttering is a must

This is a really important phase for not only students but anyone who wants to move. Decluttering is a complex process and the easiest way to do it is the 80/20 rule. This means that you’ll probably use or wear 80% of the things only 20% of the time. After that, you should prepare six boxes and label them as trash, keep, recycle, donate, store and sell.

If you have the time, it’s great to sell the things instead of throwing them away. Think also about how many things you “really use” and try not to get too attached to things. You should also declutter your car after decluttering your apartment. Also, try not to put any consumable items into the storage because they will probably perish over a long period. If you have any leftover food or chemicals that are outdated, properly dispose of them.

A girl doing homework;
If you want to speed up the packing, unpacking, storage, and moving process, think about hiring well-trained and reliable professional movers.

The conclusion

Storage is an important part of leading an organizing life, which is something students often forget to think about. There are some key characteristics of storage that should not be disregarded. Look for the characteristics like surveillance, pick up, delivery, climate control, car storage, etc. We hope that you found our reasons why college students should rent storage in Austin helpful and insightful.  Have a great day and an even greater move!


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