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When Christmas time approaches, holiday decorating is one of the things everyone is looking forward to. However, putting all the holiday decorations away can get quite frustrating if it isn’t handled right. Even the best movers in Austin can’t help you with packing your decoration for relocation if you don’t set them aside properly. But we have a great list of smart holiday decoration storage tips to help you go through this challenge. Hence, here are our ideas on how to store holiday items and save yourself a few headaches next holiday season.

Holiday decoration storage tips for the artificial tree

One of the advantages of having an artificial tree is that it can last years and years with the proper care. Especially if you store them in the best storage Austin has to offer. However, we advise you to think about the weight of the tree before you determine where to store it. So, you should know that most artificial trees are too heavy to wrestle into a trap-door attic. Or lug up a set of stairs, for instance. Therefore, you should consider storing the tree on the same floor as it is used. Or perhaps you can store it in a garage, storage room, or closet. Also, another great option for storing your Christmas tree is a rolling case. So, if you have enough space, you can save time next year by storing your tree without dismantling it. A heavy-duty plastic hook will allow you to hang the bag.

Woman undecorating a Christmas tree
You can use many of the holiday storage tips to set aside your Christmas tree.

Ideas for holiday decoration storage of your Christmas lights

When it comes to holiday decoration storage tips, North Austin movers can be of great help. Even with storing your Christmas lights. So, one of their tips for storing holiday decorations such as lights is to keep them tangle-free. And the best way to do it is to use a piece of masking tape and a permanent marker to label each strand. Therefore, your note will indicate how long it is. Or it will indicate where it was used for easy replacement next holiday season. Then, once you take care of that, wrap the stand securely to prevent bulb breakage and tangling.

Store holiday decorations such as ornaments in an ornament chest

Another great idea for storing your holiday decoration such as ornaments is to use an ornament container. It has a special design with layers, so you can fill space around the ornaments with tissue paper to prevent movement or damage. Also, the three lightweight trays in the chest have handles that allow easy access to each layer. And the tray dividers can be reconfigured to accommodate ornaments of any size. Then, you can store the chest in storage North Austin to be carefree.

Person holding a box full with Christmas ornaments
Keep your ornaments safe and well-organized until the next holiday season.

Wrapping paper storage

Sometimes, you simply can’t find a small permanent area for crafts and gift preparations. So, we advise you to put all your wrapping paper into an under-the-bed or hanging storage system. Also, if you don’t have room under the bag, you can hang an organizer in a guest room closet. These organizers hang when they’re stored. However, they open to a standing tabletop position when you’re ready to wrap. Moreover, this space-saving option protects folded wrapping paper sheets and greeting cards. You can always ask for help from hourly movers Austin, if you need to move all these crafts.

How to store a Christmas village?

For Christmas villages, you should store them in one or two cases or tubs by packing the buildings in first. Then, you should place any snow, ground, lighting, or landscaping on the top. That will allow you to open the tub next year and immediately begin building. Also, if you pack your storage containers with what you’ll need first on top, you can unpack and decorate as you go along. This decoration storage tip makes sense because this puts heavier items toward the bottom. At the same time, it puts lighter components above. Also, this bag can hold up to 20 boxed village components and has rear wheels and padded handles. That will provide safe and easy moving of all your little breakable houses at once. Finally, you can put your storage case in a climate controlled storage Austin TX for extra caution.

Three snowmen as ornaments
Finally, choose dry and safe holiday decoration storage solutions

Tips for out-of-the-way elevated storage of your decoration

Okay, so you’ve packed your holiday decorations away into containers and you’re probably wondering what to do next. Fear not as we have many more tips to help you set your holiday ornaments aside.

  • First, try to sort decorations into a few categories, like indoor and outdoor. That means you can decorate an area at a time without having to empty all your boxes at once.
  • Then, anchor this system to your attic or garage rafters and keep your Christmas season items here. This trick will help you not to trip over them to get your stuff in the summer.
  • Don’t worry about the weight of your decorations, as the sturdy lift features heavy-duty steel support beams. And it can hold up to 250 pounds, which is enough to fit all the ornaments.
  • Finally, the hand-crank operation will allow you to bring the shelf down to you for packing.

Storing hangers, hooks, and other small things for decoration

If you need to store holiday small parts, you should have a few extra ornament hangers, twist ties, and zip ties. Although this kind of customized 5-compartment storage case is primarily for school supplies, it can serve as a holiday decoration storage idea. Also, this type of case has adjustable dividers to accommodate any of your holiday decorating small parts. For instance, you can place the metal hooks you usually find scattered at the bottom of your ornament boxes. After reading our tips for storing holiday decoration, you can enjoy your holidays, as you are prepared for the next part. And that is removing your ornaments while preparing them for the next Christmas season.

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