Starting a new life in Austin – what is it like?

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Change is something most people tend to be afraid of. Especially when you are moving to a completely new area with Austin area movers and starting a new life. However, all of this is completely normal because we are all afraid of the unknown. You start worrying if you are going to fit in or not, will you manage to find a new job, meet new friends, etc. But rest assured, when it comes to starting a new life in Austin, there is nothing to worry about. It’s one of the most desired cities in the United States so you are sure to experience living in one amazing environment.

Things you should know when starting a new life in Austin

There are various reasons why people choose to start a new life in Austin – amazing weather, friendly and welcoming neighborhoods, variety of job opportunities, and unique culture. There is a pretty good reason why about 100 people move to Austin daily – it is located in the center of Texas and it went from a calm college city to one of the biggest cities in the US that’s full of life. Whether you moved to Austin with your family after hiring one of the local moving companies Austin TX or just want to enjoy the Austin life by yourself, it’s the best choice you could’ve made! Here are some things you’ll want to know more about when starting a new life in Austin:

  • Weather in Austin
  • Living expenses
  • How to get around the city
  • Fun things to do in Austin

Weather in Austin

The weather in Austin is considered to be excellent, although you might need some time to get used to it because it tends to get pretty hot. The warmest month is August when the temperature can go up to above 100°F. It may sound hard to handle, but after you find ways to deal with it, you won’t have any problems. We recommend you get yourself a good air conditioner and maybe a pool to endure these hot summer days.

aerial view of white concrete buildings during golden hours
Great weather in Austin is surely something to look forward to

Austin usually has very mild winters, the average temperature is about 50°F, which is kind of warm for that time of the year. That means most of the time you won’t have to dress in millions of layers just to keep yourself warm. Snow is also a rare sight in Austin, it usually snows only once or twice a year when the temperature drastically drops.

Spring and Fall weather in Austin is something residents enjoy the most, it’s not too cold, nor too hot. The average temperature during these two seasons is about 67°F. Sound pretty refreshing compared to Austin’s brutal summers, doesn’t it?

Living expenses

Austin is a city that’s growing by the speed of light. Its unique culture, interesting events, and well-established economy are something that attracts a lot of new residents. However, the increase in population growth has caused housing prices to go above the national average and it has become a large issue for everyone living in Austin and the ones who plan to get moving quotes Austin from moving companies and move there.

It’s a fact that Austin is considered to be pretty expensive, and it may seem like it’s impossible to manage to live in a place like that. But the truth is, once you move to Austin and learn how things work, you’ll be more than able to live a pretty decent life. 

How to get around the city when starting a new life in Austin

Let’s talk about ways to get around in Austin. Traffic in this city is considered to be a big problem and it can sometimes get pretty hard to get to work, school, or wherever you are headed. However, there are still ways to move around the city without any problems. 

tram on the street
Cars and public transport are the most common methods of transportation in Austin

Just like in most cities of the world, traveling by car is the most common way of transportation in Austin – which is why traffic jams tend to occur pretty often. If you don’t have a car, or just aren’t the type to drive and don’t have a driving license, there are still plenty of ways to get to your desired destination like Capital Metro and MetroRail

Fun things to do in Austin

When moving to a new area, living expenses, getting a job and other ‘serious topics’ are surely not the only thing to think about. Bear in mind that you should always find time to relax and find fun things to do. So what are some fun things you can do in Austin? Let’s find out!

Attending various events 

Austin is well-known for hosting various kinds of events and festivals that you might find enjoyable.

One of the most visited festivals is surely the South by Southwest. It’s a 10-day festival related to music, film, and tech which brings together people of similar interests from all areas of Austin! It’s a great opportunity to enjoy something you like while meeting new people and finding potential new friends. Don’t miss out on this because you are sure to have a lot of fun, it’s popular for a reason!

However, Austin does not only focus on music events but things like food as well and it has been the host of the Austin Food and Wine Festival since 2012. If you are someone who enjoys good food along with a few drinks, this is something you will surely like. 

Visiting a music event full of people after starting a new life in Austin
Austin is the home of many music, film, tech and food events

Outdoor activities 

When it comes to outdoor activities, Austin has a lot to offer. Being a city with great weather and climate, it allows you to enjoy many outdoor activities all year round! Some of the most popular ones are cycling, hiking, and even kayaking so if you haven’t tried this yet, now you have the chance to!

If you used the services of storage facilities in Austin to store your bike or hiking equipment, make sure you don’t forget to transport them to your new home.

Enjoying the art of Austin

As we’ve mentioned before, Austin is known to have a very unique culture and it’s not only created to attract tourists, it’s the soul of this city. So if you are an art lover starting a new life in Austin, visit some of the local museums, galleries, and theaters because they will not disappoint you.

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