The importance of labeling moving boxes

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The moving process tends to be a really demanding task. It can cause a lot of stress and drain your energy. This is the reason why people want to speed up the process and skip things that seem unimportant. Like labeling boxes for example. It may appear to you that skipping this will save you time. The truth is, it can only cause problems later on during the move. You’ll find yourself looking at the moving boxes with absolutely no idea what’s inside them because they all look the same. Not only that, but it can cause problems for your apartment movers Austin as well. The importance of labeling moving boxes is something you should have in mind while preparing for your move.

Why is labeling moving boxes so important?

You might be wondering why is labeling moving boxes such a big deal. You only need to transport the boxes from your old home to the new one, right? However, things are not actually that simple, and here is what you should pay attention to.

Put the “fragile” label on the boxes that contain breakable items

If you don’t know the contents of a box, you won’t be sure how to handle it without damaging anything. Even if you packed your breakables properly and protected them well, they can still get broken in case the box they are packed into is mishandled. Packing services Austin crew recommends you label the boxes as fragile, this will let your movers know that they should take special care of them. This way you won’t have to deal with replacing or repairing your valuable possessions. 

a brown cardboard box with a sticker fragile
When a box contains breakable items, don’t forget to mark it as fragile

Mark what room each box belongs in

Once you’ve successfully transported your boxes with residential movers Austin TX to your new home, it will be useful to know what each box contains so you can place them into their corresponding rooms. You can go with opening boxes one by one while figuring out where each one belongs. However, labeling the boxes beforehand will save you so much time when you’re unpacking. You will be already exhausted from the move so you don’t want to spend extra time on something when you don’t really have to, right?

It is not very likely that you will get to unpack all of your boxes right after you’ve moved to your new home. Knowing where each box belongs will help you start with unpacking the rooms that need to be ready to use as soon as possible. You’ll easily find the essential items you need for the first few days after you move until you’ve fully unpacked. Imagine not knowing in what boxes are the things you need right away. You’ll have to start unpacking every box to find what you’re looking for. Sounds like horror!

Know precisely what items are in the box

It is useful to know where each box belongs. But it’s even more useful to know the exact contents of the box. Instead of just labeling your box with the room it belongs in, write what exactly is in it. By doing this, you’ll know what boxes you should unpack first in your kitchen, for example.

Labeling boxes will save you time

If you label your boxes, you’ll know what room to put them in and start unpacking them right away. This means you will be able to unpack those boxes in no time. However, if you don’t label the boxes and everything is packed without any certain order, you’ll just end up running all over your home trying to put the items you are unpacking where they belong. You’ll only unnecessarily extend the unpacking time if you skip this step.

a couple sitting on the couch near brown cardboard boxes
If you label your moving boxes properly, you’ll be finished with your move sooner than you think

How to label your boxes properly?

We’ve talked about the importance of labeling moving boxes. Let’s move on to some tips about how you should label them. For labeling your boxes you’ll mostly only need permanent markers. You can use other supplies if you feel like it’s needed. Here is what Heavenly Moving and Storage TX recommends:

  • Use markers that are of high-quality – It’s normal to try and save as much money as possible when moving, but try to avoid using the cheapest permanent marker out there, they might stop coloring in the middle of your work. You’ll not only end up spending more because you need to buy new markers, but you’ll also lose time because of this.
  • Try using waterproof markers – Unexpected things happen, so it might even rain on your moving day and it may not be something you expected. In that case, your boxes will get soaked at some point. You don’t want your hard work of labeling all the boxes to go in vain. Using waterproof permanent markers will help you avoid this kind of disaster.
  • Printable labels – If you don’t like labeling your boxes with markers and prefer something that will look neater, you can use printable labels. You can buy these online or print them out yourself. Labeling your boxes with these will also save you some time since all you have to do is stick them on your boxes

These are must-haves when you are labeling your boxes and want to finish the task easily in no time. If you want to put a little more effort into this and make unpacking even easier, here are two more tips.

Label the boxes using different colors

This is one of the creative ways to label your boxes. You can mark them using different colors, for example, mark the kitchen boxes using red, bathroom boxes using blue, etc. Using different colors will also help your North Austin movers place them into the corresponding rooms. Just be careful when choosing the colors, they need to be vibrant and easily seen from every angle.

brush coloring pens on top of white paper
You can use different colors to match the boxes with their corresponding rooms so it’s easier to organize them

Mark every side of the moving box

When your mover is unloading the moving truck, they want to know where exactly to put your boxes without having to turn every box over and over again to find where you labeled it. The boxes can be pretty heavy and it’s really inconvenient to move them around too much. Therefore,  make sure to mark every side of your moving boxes.

We hope this article helped you realize that the importance of labeling moving boxes is something you need to pay special attention to in order to have a comfortable move. Good luck!


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