Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your new Austin home

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You just moved in and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You don’t want to leave your home undecorated and you don’t exactly have a big budget either. So what should you do? Venture into some little crafts you can make with things that you already have at your home is what you should do! These Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your new Austin home will be fun for the whole family. Meaning that asking your kids to help you out with these neat little handiworks is a must. Therefore, we’re sure they will happily take the chance to help their parents perfectly beautify their home for the season. If you haven’t yet moved in and need some help, keep your eyes out for good movers like Heavenly Moving and Storage, which might prove to be extremely helpful. Without further ado let’s see what little experiments we’ve got hiding for you.

Snack Turkey – a really cool handcrafted Thanksgiving decoration for your new Austin home

This one is a whole lot of fun for the kids. After dinner, they get to eat snacks out of a handmade little turkey! What you’ll need for this Thanksgiving DIY to decorate your new Austin home is firstly a Styrofoam dome, a Styrofoam ball, some brown stockings, and a wooden dowel. The styrofoam will help you make the body of your awesome turkey. The dome is the actual body, and the Styrofoam ball is the head.

A woman sitting in a big mess she made while crafting
Making your own crafts might prove to bring a mess to your home, so make sure to organize everything properly!

The brown stockings are used to put some color on the turkey, just cut them and cover the dome and the ball. Use push pins or glue to secure the stocking if needed (or just tie a knot). Grab that wooden dowel now and use it to bring together the head to the body. Hopefully, you have space for all these little materials. If you happen to be running out of storage in your home, trust us when we say that storage facilities Austin TX are a bunch of help, give them a go.

Now either paint some googly eyes on the turkey or buy some in the store, add a beak, and gobble. After all of that, you just need to use some glue to attach the cups to the turkey’s body, symbolizing the feathers and that’s it! This just doesn’t seem like a lot of work for a great thing to bring to the table after a yummy lunch. Your kids will absolutely love it!

Cupcake Liner Owls and Turkeys

This is most likely one of the easier Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your new Austin home. But the fact that it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s not unique and cute! Quite the contrary. On the subject of moving, we hope you’ve dealt with some packing services Austin to make packing your stuff before this move a walk in the park.

Let’s start with the owls. Just use some cupcake liners, googly eyes, and some craft paper sheets for the beaks. Flatten the cupcake liners, making circles. Fold them inward on each side, leaving a gap in the center. Up top, the gap should be smaller than the bottom one. Lastly, just fold the top part a bit downwards. Moving on, cut a few little beaks from the craft paper. Afterward, use chalk markers to draw some little details on the wings and tail. Glue the beaks and throw in some googly eyes, and voila! It’s as easy as that.

Next up, the turkeys need two differently sized cupcake liners, the bigger one being colorful and the smaller one plain white. The colorful one will act as the body and tail of the turkey, and the white one as the head. Just glue the smaller one on the colorful one, add a beak and gobble with craft paper, draw some eyes (or use the usual googly eyes) and you are already done.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

If you want to bring some character to the dining table, these might just be your go-to Thanksgiving invention to decorate your new Austin home. The napkin rings you are going to make will look like a pilgrim’s outfit. They’re a small but significant detail, you just can’t not notice them! And if you move as often as pilgrims, you could use the help of some hourly movers Austin. Moving on, you’ll even find a use for some of the toilet paper cardboard tubes. Cause you’ll need them here. Cut those tubes into pieces about 2 inches long.

Get some craft paper, or scrapbook paper and cut that into pieces big enough to wrap around the tube. No worries if you leave some excess paper, just push it into the tube. Make a white strip from plain white craft paper. After that, cut out a little upward-facing triangle in the middle and wrap that around our cardboard tube, making a collar. Grab a piece of string, create little bows and glue them to the collar. Finally, glue buttons to the front, right under the collar, and you are good to go. If you feel like you need a step-by-step guide to this, check out this neat tutorial on how to make pilgrim napkin rings, a great Thanksgiving arrangement to decorate your new Austin home.

A woman making pumpkins cookies
Decorating is a fun little experience, so make sure to let your creativity flow out.

Some other easy Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your new Austin home

If you are still here, that just means you haven’t had enough of these cute crafts! The good news though, we’ve only scratched the surface. After many of them that went a bit more into detail and step-by-step explanations, let’s list some fairly simple crafts:

  • Goofy Leaf Friends – If you’ve been raking those leaves for hours outside, you should take a second a grab a few pretty-looking leaves. Why? Well, to turn them into one of the viable Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your new Austin home. Then all you have to do is grab some drawing tools and let your imagination flow by drawing animals or just made-up creatures on those leaves you saved.
  • Pumpkin vases – this one probably takes less time than most of them, and certainly not as much creativity. Just scoop up some small pumpkins and fill them up with harvest blooms. These vases are a great choice for long distance movers Austin since you just got into your new home and most likely don’t have a lot of decorations. They will definitely brighten up any room!
  • Stenciled CD/DVD Coaters – If you have some leftover CDs or DVDs with old movies on them, we might have just found a use for them. Pile them up, remove the back of them (the shiny part) until you get the coating off. After all of that just paint them with a chosen color, and stencil them using whitewash. There you go, a new decoration for your new Austin Home with Thanksgiving handiwork.
A little paper leaf reading “I am thankful for John” on a plate, one of the cuter thanksgiving crafts to decorate your New Austin home
Expressing your thanks is the point of the event, so make sure to let everyone know how much you care about them!


This was an interesting ride! From cool turkeys for snacks to little pumpkin vases, we’ve truly handed out some great Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your new Austin home. Hopefully, you and your partner in crime have had a lot of fun experimenting with these handy designs. Now throw those new decorations you’ve made around the house, and let your guests see just how innovative you can be. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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