Which storage unit features to look for when moving to Austin?

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In case you are moving or living in Austin, you may need to rent storage. That won’t be a big problem, as many storage facilities are in the city area. However, you won’t just throw your valuables in some random facility. So, which storage unit features to look for when moving to Austin? The Austin area movers can recommend you many of them. As a matter of fact, you might need small or large storage space. Or you might need to rent the facility for a long or short period. Also, you might need some special storage conditions. So, we will here present the various types of storage available in the Austin area. Our intention is to help you narrow the search. And thus, save you time as you will be busy with unpacking.

Austin storage options

You will be happy to hear that Austin’s storage facilities are highly rated. Besides, there are quite a lot of them in the area. So, you will easily find those that can meet your needs. Storage facilities Austin might be a bit more expensive than in other areas. But, the quality of the services they offer is also very high. Finally, they are always clean, and well-maintained. Also, all the facilities have excellent security. So, you can be at peace, knowing that your possessions are well looked after.

Indoor storage units - storage unit features to look for when moving to Austin.
Austin’s storage facilities are highly rated.

Main storage unit features to look for when moving to Austin

There could be many reasons for storing your possessions. And, the reasons will determine some specific features. However, in all storage units, you will find some common requirements. The same goes for the Austin storage units. Such requirements are:

Size of the unit

It will depend on the number of your possessions. Squeezing too many of them to save up on space can cause numerous problems. First, there must always be some space between moving boxes and unit walls. That will allow normal air circulation. Also, too many boxes forcibly pushed inside the unit will inevitably break. Some of your possessions could end up dented. Or even torn. Besides, you can also cause damage to the storage unit.

To avoid such a possibility, follow the advice of the storage North Austin. Make a list of the items you want to store. That will give you an idea about the square footage, and size of the unit that you will need.

Minimum storage period

The length of the time could be sometimes a problem. Namely, there are many storage facilities offering short-term rentals. However, they also require a minimum rental period. For example, in many facilities, the minimum rental period is one month. Therefore, even if you need storage for a much shorter period, you will still have to pay the full monthly rent. So, you should discuss this issue with short term storage Austin. Inquire if they require a rental minimum, and how long it is.

Location is among the storage unit features to look for when moving to Austin

Renting storage, like many others, you would like it to be as close to your home as possible. This is especially important when you are renting storage for a longer period. And the main reason for that is lack of the space in your new home. This further means that you will need to visit the storage often. Therefore, if you’ve bought a home in South Austin, the ideal storage location for you will be in that area. This issue can be easily solved. It is enough to contact storage South Austin, and agree on terms.

Storage facility.
Always make sure that the storage facility has proper security.

Surveillance and safety of the Austin storage facility

This is one of the common features that storage facilities have to meet. When checking storage in the Austin area, make sure they are secure. Talk to managers, and find out if they have video monitoring or in-person surveillance. Also, while visiting, check if the facility is well-lit. Enough light within the facility perimeter is an additional security factor.

Talking about security, don’t forget to ask about insurance. Namely, every storage facility offers such insurance. But, it is good to know in advance what the insurance covers. Also, you may request the managers to sign an agreement for additional insurance. That way, you will have to pay more, but your items will be fully insured.

Besides those, you should check several other features

One of the things that you should check is the storage price. With that many storage possibilities in the city of Austin, be sure that you will find different prices for the same services. However, don’t go for the cheaper option if the facility doesn’t have the main features you are looking for. 

Difference between self-service and full-service storage units

At first, it may not look like an important feature. But, it actually is. In case you opt for a self-service unit, you will have the possibility to access your unit whenever you want. Usually, you will also have your own key and lock. This can be a convenient solution if you use storage daily. For example, keeping your bike in. Or some other items that you frequently need.

An Empty Hand Truck.
Always rent a climate-controlled storage unit for sensitive items.

In case you opt for a full-service, the facility will control the access. This means that you will have to announce your visit. On the other hand, opting for a full-service, you will have the possibility to use storage pickup and delivery service. This is especially convenient if you don’t have your own car. Also, this feature is a much better option if you intend to stay away from Austin for longer periods. Your possessions will be fully safe, and the management will look after them.

Storage units in Austin can offer you one more excellent feature

Depending on what items you’re storing, you might need some special conditions for them. For example, you might keep some valuable electronics inside the unit. And, being too sensitive, they will not be able to stand too high or too low temperatures. Using climate controlled storage Austin, you will be able to preserve them in excellent conditions for months. Or even for years.

Always make a throughout check of the storage facilities, before renting

When hiring a moving company, buying something online, or checking the possible employer, you will always check them first. Otherwise, you can end up feeling the consequences of missing to do it. The same goes for the storage facilities. When you consider which storage unit features to look for when moving to Austin, don’t miss to check them. And, reading reviews, you can get rather good impressions about the safety, behavior of staff, and other important things. After finding good reviews of several facilities close to you, visit them in person. That will enable you to make a final choice.

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