The Difference Between Storage Units and Moving Containers

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Nowadays people have the possibility to accumulate a large number of possessions. Having things is not such a big problem. But, they take place, and, at some point, your home might become too small for all of them. Well, that is the point when you realize that you need some extra space. Luckily, moving and storage Austin can help you in this case. They can offer you solutions and provide you with so needed extra space. Here, we will discuss the two possibilities. And we will see what is the difference between storage units and moving containers. The aim is to help you choose the right solution for yourself.

Storage units vs moving containers

People were using traditional storage units on various occasions. For example, when they wanted to have some extra space in the home. Or, when they were renovating and needed to clear the home temporarily. So, they could use storage units for several days. Or for several years in case of keeping some extras in them. Of course, they had to check the storage facilities for safety and prices. Also, it was important to find those offering more amenities. And easier access to the facility itself, as well as to your unit.

A mna in a storage unit organizing items
The main difference between storage units and moving containers is in their use

However, in recent decades, we could see the emergence of moving containers. And those portable storage containers were offering some advantages that classical storage units were missing. But, using them also come with some disadvantages. So, let us see the differences between those two.

The difference between storage units and moving containers

Shortly, we could say that the main difference is in their purpose. When you need to store larger items for a longer time, moving containers could be the right thing for you. And especially when you don’t need regular access to the stored items.

However, when you need to regularly take out and bring back some items, storage units will serve you better. For example, you might keep them in your seasonal clothes. Or your sports equipment that you will take whenever you need it. And which you will put back inside after use. For such a need, check the short term storage in Austin.

Which is the right storage solution for you?

To help you further, we will present the pros and cons of using storage units and moving containers. However, before we start, let us tell a bit more about the differences between the two.

Moving containers are usually transported and placed at the location designed by you. So, they could be placed in your yard. Or at your parking lot. So, you can place them near your home for personal use. Or you can place them near your office. If so, you can use them to keep the extra documentation in them. In all cases, you have free access to them, at all times.

Corridor with storage unit doors that help you decide between storage units and moving containers
For certain items, you will need to rent climate-controlled storage units.

On the other hand, storage units are located in the storage facility. So, you can have rows of individual storage units, each having its own door. And each door has its own unique key. Besides, when you need to store some specialized items, climate controlled storage in Austin TX could be the best solution for you. However, to reach your unit, you will need granted entry into the storage facility.  

Pros and cons of using storage units

In general, storage units are placed inside the storage facility. If you decide to use services of storage North Austin, you can rent one, or several units, depending on your needs. Many of such units are also climate-controlled, so they are good for keeping temperature-sensitive items. When it comes to accessibility, some of the storage facilities allow 24-hour access. The others will be accessible to you only during the facility’s working hours.

Pros of using storage units

Here is an overview of the pros of using storage units:

  • costs – that are more affordable
  • security – being inside the storage facility parameter, your units will be protected and safeguarded
  • climate-controlled – being indoors, the temperature can easily be adjusted
  • size and dimensions – storage units come in various sizes, so you can rent the one that best suits your needs
  • flexible contracts – the majority of storage units offer month-by-month lease possibility

Cons of using storage units

The main disadvantages of renting storage units are transport and accessibility. We already saw that some storage facilities have limited working hours. So, you won’t be able to access them at all times.

Besides, whenever you need to store or take something out, you have to plan how to transport the items. Therefore, you should check for the facility closest to your home. For example, in case you are living in South Austin, renting the unit in storage South Austin would be a logical solution.

Three shipping containers in front of a building.
Moving containers are good when you need to store larger items for a longer time.

Pros and cons of using moving containers

Being adapted from shipping containers, they are offering maximum efficiency. When you are renting them, you can decide to keep them within the parameter of the storage facility. Or you can opt to transport them close to your home, or office.

Main pros of using moving containers

  • their moving costs are low
  • easy to access – they are positioned on the ground, and you can enter them at any times
  • easy packing – you can simply open it and add some items in, without the need to travel
  • flexibility – you can use them for various purposes, even when you need car storage in Austin

Cons of using moving containers

  • they lack climate conditioning
  • you need good infrastructure to bring them where you want
  • they are usually large – so you need an adequate space near the house or office to position them

Security issues

Security is one more difference between storage units and moving containers. Namely, storage units are inside the storage facilities. Therefore, they are under surveillance for 24 hours. They are also air-conditioned, which will prevent your items from rotting or being attacked by pests or molds. In case of keeping moving containers near your home or office, you will have to provide your own security. Besides, they don’t have air conditioning. So, you won’t be able to keep temperature-sensitive items inside them. Whichever your choice might be, in the city of Austin, you will find enough of both. Just decide what suits your needs better.

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