The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Storage

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Are you about to embark on a move but not quite sure what type of storage solution is right for you? Moving and storing your belongings can be stressful, so it’s important to find the right option that fits your needs. If you are moving to Texas, Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas is here to help you relocate and find the right storage. This guide to different types of storage will provide key insight into the types of storage available. And it will show you how each one works. Read on to discover which type of storage best suits your needs. Learn all there is to know about modern-day moving and storing solutions!

There Are Various Types of Storage Facilities

If you are in need of a storage facility it’s important to know the various types available and what they have to offer. Those who need only a small space to temporarily store their things usually use self-storage units. These generally come in multiple sizes with easy access for personal use. Climate-controlled and specialized storage facilities, on the other hand, provide more temperature and environmental control. This can be essential for delicate items like electronics and documents. Vehicle and RV parking is also common, but that often has specific restrictions according to size and area regulations. Ultimately, you should look at the type of items you need to store, how long they’ll remain there, your overall budget, and any other needs before deciding on the best storage option for you.

Inside of a storage facility as one of the different types of storage
If you need a storage facility this guide to different types of storage can help

How to choose the storage facility?

Choosing a storage facility can be a difficult decision. It is important to account for the overall security of the unit, and the proximity to your current residence or place of work. When making this choice, it is important to consider the type of goods which you plan to store in the unit. Most offer specialized features such as climate-controlled units for valuable items. In addition, it is also worth researching customer reviews on the company’s website. You should also compare pricing options between multiple vendors before signing any contracts. Lastly, make sure to ask about early termination fees, insurance requirements, and other conditions when renting a storage unit, as these may not be visible upfront. With careful research and insight into one’s own personal needs, selecting a storage facility will make all transitions a smoother process.

Different Types of Storage

Finding the right type of storage can be difficult and time-consuming. There are lots of options out there. So, having knowledge about the different types will make it easier to choose one that best fits your needs. This ultimate guide to different types of storage will break down each option into clear sections. This will help you better understand how they work and which is right for you.

Two main types of storage

If you are in South Austin, storage facilities in South Austin are a great solution for anyone who needs to store belongings for long or short-term use. But before renting a storage unit it’s important to know the differences between the two main types of storage:

  1. Open storage
  2. Climate-controlled storage
Shelves inside storage with boxes
There are many great solutions for anyone who needs to store belongings for long or short-term use in Austin

Open Storage

Open storage units are the most economical option and offer users the greatest amount of square footage. But, they aren’t always temperature regulated. So items can be exposed to extreme temperatures which can cause damage over time. You can look at open storage in two ways:

  • from the perspective of convenience or
  • from the perspective of security

On one hand, open storage offers the convenience of being able to access the stored items at any time of day or night. However, security is often an issue with this type of storage because anyone with access to the storage unit can remove items. It’s important to choose a storage provider that provides extensive security measures to protect your items. Or consider another form of storage in North Austin if you are concerned about theft or damage. Depending on your individual needs, open storage could be beneficial.

Climate controlled storage

Climate-controlled units on the other hand offer more protection from extreme heat or cold and humidity levels that can affect certain items like furniture and electronics. Although these types of units may cost more money, their security features and environmental controls ensure belongings will remain safe under all weather conditions.

Safety lock on an climate controlled storage unit
The security features and environmental controls ensure belongings will remain safe under all weather conditions in climate controlled units

For the reasons we have already mentioned, climate controlled storage in Austin is an ideal climate solution for many. It provides a balance between climate extremes. And allows you to store your valuables in optimal climate conditions for extended periods of time. Some of the pros include:

  • climate protection from extreme cold and heat
  • increased safety from environmental damage
  • reduced risk from theft or burglaries due to the additional security features included with climate controlled storage units

The cons generally are about the price, often running more than traditional storage options do. Luckily, climate controlled storage has become increasingly affordable over the years. And they can be well worth it depending on your items’ needs.

Other types of storage

Knowing which type of storage is best for you can be difficult. To help make that decision easier, let’s look at the different types of storage available and their benefits.

Self-storage units

Self-storage units are a popular choice for many people who are moving or in between homes. With this option, you rent a unit from a self-storage facility and store your items there until you need them again. Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate almost any amount of items. Plus, most facilities offer climate-controlled units if you need them. The downside is that you’ll have to move the items into the unit yourself and will have to be present when moving them out again.

Mobile storage containers

Mobile storage containers provide an alternative solution if you don’t want to deal with renting a storage unit or transporting your items yourself. With this option, you rent a portable container from a mobile storage company.  They will drop it off at your current location for you to fill with whatever items you want. When you finish, they will pick up the container and take it back to their facility where it will stay until you need access again. This is especially helpful if you’re moving across town or across the country. The container can travel with you wherever life takes you! The downside is that these containers are usually one size fits all. So, they may not fit everything that needs storing away.

Two people walking inside a storage unit after reading guide to different types of storage
Reading this guide to different types of storage will help you find the right one for you

Storage pods

Convenient storage pods are yet another option for those looking for an easy way to store their belongings while on the move. These pre-fabricated structures are similar in size and shape to shipping containers. But they are made of plywood instead of metal, which makes them more lightweight and easy to transport when full. The company delivering these pods will drop them off at your current location.  It is yours until when ready for pickup again by the same company. So, no need for transportation on your part. The downside is that these pods typically require more advanced planning due to limited availability. So make sure to book one early if this interests you.

Different Purposes of Storage Facilities

Storage units have become popular for many types of people, from students looking for a safe place to store their belongings over the summer break to military personnel needing storage space in Austin for their valuable goods. Business professionals also use storage units as an economical short-term solution for inventory and file storage requirements. Or as a transition between office spaces during a company merger or major downsizing. Even though different people may choose to utilize storage units for a variety of reasons, they all share one common goal: creating more space in the home or office while keeping items secure and readily accessible when needed.

There are a variety of storage units designed to meet different needs. There is student storage in Austin, for instance, and it may be used by those attending college who require additional space for their possessions while they are away from home. Military storage provides secure and flexible solutions to active service members who need to store personal items while they are deployed or on assignment. For those undergoing a home remodel or repair, construction storage is ideal for holding furniture and other items during the period. All storage types offer safety, convenience, and flexibility for your belongings, helping you stay organized no matter what life throws your way.

Car storage is another type that this guide to different types of storage select

Car storage is a great way to store your vehicle when you’re not driving it. Whether you’re going on an extended vacation, need to move out of town temporarily, or have a seasonal car you don’t use all the time, car storage can provide protection and convenience. The right facility will be clean and secure, offering peace of mind knowing your automobile is guarded by knowledgeable professionals. When evaluating locations for car storage, consider factors like whether the facility is climate-controlled and has extra security, such as video surveillance. You can even find some with add-on services such as engine starting and charging in order to keep your battery from dying out. Whatever type of vehicle you own, car storage in Austin is an ideal solution for safely preserving it when it’s not in use.

Black and white car in front of a storage
Car storage is a great way to store your vehicle when you’re not driving it

Storage Pick-Up Service Is Helpful

One of the best types of services you can opt for, especially if you are running out of time, is storage pick up service. It provides an incredibly convenient way to access items you may have stored in a self-storage container or other off-site location. This service is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers customers the ability to have their items collected and delivered right to their door. Depending on the provider, this service can include sorting through many stored containers or simply collecting one or two containers. The process is relatively straightforward. Customers simply select their storage facility, indicate the item and quantity of items needing to be picked up, and book an appropriate time slot for pickup.

There are multiple advantages when using this service, and you will find out what they are thanks to this guide to different types of storage. First, it saves time from having to personally drive out and collect the items themselves. Also, it enables customers to better utilize their available storage space. And finally, it offers a level of comfort that comes with having your belongings picked up and delivered by a professional company. In short, storage pickup services offer a stress-free way of consolidating your consumer goods.

A person preparing a pile of moving boxes for storage after reading the guide to different types of storage
As a student, you will have a lot of belongings and probably not enough space. Read this guide to different types of storage and use student storage to solve that problem.

Use Storage Facilities

Now that you have read this guide to different types of storage, it’s time to choose what will work best for you. Don’t hesitate to use storage units whenever you are relocating, need to store your belongings while studying at college, or simply keep your car safe. Opting for one of the storage services is a reasonable decision. If you need help making a decision, contact us and our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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