Top storage mistakes to avoid this year

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When you are getting ready for relocation, the best option is to do some research on steps to take before you start packing your belongings. In this article, you will learn what are common storage mistakes, and the top storage mistakes to avoid at all cost.  Being in the business for so long has thought the whole team at Heavenly Moving and Storage all about moving mishaps and common obstacles people face. Let us discuss together how to avoid these common moving and storage mistakes.

 A list of storage mistakes to avoid when storing your belongings in storage

As we mentioned, you will definitely need a plan of packing storing, and relocating, so be well prepared. These things can really be exhausting, but don’t worry, we are here to help you with all that. For packing tips, you can always make research on packing services Austin. They can help you and give you proper advice. Here is the list of storage mistakes to avoid this year, hope this will help you with your relocating process:

  • You did not label all the boxes and containers
  • You can’t store prohibited items
  • Didn’t choose the right size of the storage unit
  • Newspaper is not a great way to wrap your belongings
  • Don’t wait until the last minute for relocating and storing

Do not label all the boxes and containers to avoid storage mistakes

You should definitely label every box before putting it away. Knowing what each box contains will assist you in avoiding unneeded harm while stacking the boxes against each other to organize the storage container. Taking a few seconds to mark that box of fragile chinaware might be the difference between its survival and destruction.

man labeling box to avoid mistakes when storing stuff
Labeling boxes is a crucial thing when packing and storing stuff, this is best to do to avoid mistakes and save your time later.

Few extra tips for students planning a move

Labeling boxes is really important, especially if you are a student or someone who has a lot of books and stuff. You will need help if you are a student, and if you live in Austin, a student moving Austin can be really helpful if you are planning to relocate.

You can also find great student storage Austin if you need a place to store your things. Their storage facilities have all that you need like climate-controlled units and you will have a place to pack all your things.

You can’t store prohibited items and you will have a place to pack all your things

Prohibited items are usually a big problem when storing belongings in storage units. You will need to check out what are the prohibited items you shouldn’t store in a storage facility. This is the best way to avoid storage mistakes that are usually to a lot of people. In general, groceries, live flowers, pets, and illegal things are not permitted. When considering storage for your high-value assets, you may also want to examine other options. In the beginning, inquire about the facility’s policies.

In storage Austin, prohibited items are also hazardous things and weapons, acids, chemicals, degreasers, and many other things. So please think twice before putting something in your new storage unit. You don’t want to get in trouble.

One of the storage mistakes to avoid is choosing the incorrect size of the storage unit

How much stuff do you want to store in the storage unit? Is there anything too big? All these questions lead us to the really important thing, and that is how big a storage facility you will need? You can end up with too small a storage unit where all your things won’t be able to fit inside. Or in the worst case, you will end up with too much space in your storage unit that you don’t even need, but you will pay extra money for nothing.

The incorrect size of a storage unit can cost you a lot, so be careful.

If the storage unit is too small, this can be a big problem. You will have to cram your items into the available space. Not only would this cause harm to your stuff, but it will also make obtaining and recovering them a hassle. The storage provider employees should be able to assist you in determining the appropriate size for what you intend to keep. Just in case you will need to store something big like instruments, or maybe a piano, piano movers Austin is an excellent option to choose for your relocating. Let the professional movers do all the job instead of you.

Newspaper is not a great way to wrap your belongings

While newspapers are simple to get by, it is not the best material to use to preserve your stored belongings. Newspaper ink might smear and rub off on your belongings. There are certain products that newspapers may genuinely harm. The danger isn’t worth it. Use ink-free wrapping paper, which is available at a number of stores, including any of ours.

Don’t wait until the last minute for relocating and storing

If you need to find the proper storage unit for your belonging it can take some time. But please, don’t rush with your decision. All things about moving can take some time. Like choosing the new house, packing, storing things, unpacking, and many more.

Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, among others, may make discovering, organizing, and accessing storage space much easier. When deciding which storage facility to utilize, just be sure to ask about their forbidden goods, the proper size of the unit, and insurance alternatives.

What if you forget to ensure that your goods are appropriately insured

Although it may appear to be an unnecessary extra expense, failing to verify that your things are insured while in storage may cost you. You want to be protected in the case of any mishaps or incidents.

woman packing boxes
Last-minute hurry can be a challenging obstacle for you.

You should absolutely have your belongings insured. Check with your insurance agent to determine if your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage covers anything stored in a storage facility. If your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy does not protect your belongings while they are in storage, make sure to purchase one that does. Some facilities also provide insurance plans and recommendations. We hope this article answered all of your questions, we work hard to make your storage experience as easy as possible. You can find really good moving quotes Austin, and you can see what storage mistakes to avoid this year.

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