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When you decide to move there are certain items that can be so complex to move. For example, it can be easier to move an American closet to a new home, rather than a fish tank just a few inches. In addition, moving such items can be pretty overwhelming. But just try to remember how much you like your fish in a fish tank. Also, try to imagine how it will fit in beautifully in your new home. Also, do not try to do this on your own, as this is very complicated. Instead, go for full service movers Austin in order to pack and transport your fish tank safely. The best and the easiest process is to divide this move into three stages. That will include before, during, and after the move. In this article, read how to move a fish tank safely to your new home.

Preparations before the move

In this case, it will not be enough to ask three strong friends to lift the tank and transport it. Fish tank really needs a special kind of preparation. Because even the smallest crack can lead into a complete breaking of it. Therefore, there are certain actions to take before packing the tank. You will need to consult with local furniture movers Austin regarding preparation of your tank. What you can do first is to safely transport your fish and entire content of the tank. For this you will need five-gallon buckets and plastic bags for fish and plants. Also, get a fish net to remove fish and other live plants from your tank. Only when you remove all the water, sand, and rock, can you consider packing  it. Leaving just a tiny rock inside can bump the walls and break the tank.

a fish in a plastic bag in order to move a fish tank
Put all your fish into special plastic bags

Preparing your fish  before you move a fish tank

Like any other live creature, fish can be under stress when moving. For this reason, plan to pack and move the tank last and make sure to set it up first in a new space.

This is the only way to reduce the level of stress for your fish. Try to stop feeding them around 12 hours before the move. This way you will have enough time to clean up the tank. When you have removed the fish from the tank, turn off the pump, filters, and heaters. Then you can give a call to one of the local moving companies Austin TX to come and pack the tank. Leave packing to professionals. With their experience and special packing materials, your tank will be ready in no time. Meanwhile, do not move fish around. Make sure that the water temperature is constant.

a couple removing fish from a fish tank
Take your fish out of the tank before you move a fish tank

Remember to keep the tank water ready

Moving fish tank can sometimes be risky depending on the weather conditions. Experts recommend moving during spring because of the water temperature. Remember that sometimes it may happen that you cannot set up the fish tank in your new home immediately. In that case, consider using storage North Austin. As these are climate-controlled storage units, you can leave your tank and other equipment in the storage. Try to save as much of the original tank water as possible. Especially if your tank has saltwater, since its preparation can take a lot. In addition, syphon all the tank water into five-gallon buckets. After you have removed all the other accessories, give your tank a good rinse. Also, take a clean towel to completely dry it out. Finally, all the preparations can take up to 48h . Therefore, give yourself and your fish time to prepare properly.

a closed purple storage unit
Climate controlled storage units can be very useful when moving a tank

Other preparations needed to move a fish tank

If you decide to pack the tank on your own, you must follow certain important steps. Therefore, get all the packing materials so you can start immediately after you take out the water. You will need a sturdy box of the appropriate size. First, put the foam board on the bottom of the tank and fill it with old newspapers. Wrap up the whole tank in the bubble wrap in a very thick layer before putting it into a box. Arrange with storage pick up services to arrive and pick up your tank. Once you put the tank in the box, fill the empty space with cushioning material. You must prevent any smallest chance of damaging your tank. Since it is almost impossible to repair any cracks if occur. Properly label the box as fragile and make sure to protect it from other boxes.

Additional tips for your tank

One of the most important things to do after removing water and accessories from your tank, is to properly clean it. Especially if you did not clean it for some time. It is important to use the proper cleaning material for your fish tank. It can be pretty dangerous to use the regular dishwashing liquid to wash your tank, no matter how well you rinse it. If you need, you can look up for some advice on how to clean your fish tank properly. Also, depending on the size of your tank, make sure that you have enough gallons to put all the water from the tank. Finally, make sure that as soon as you arrive into your new home to set up your tank. Before taking everything out, it can be useful to take a picture of your tank. This way you will assemble everything more easily.

As you can see it is not easy to move a fish tank. Even the smallest tank needs special treatment when packing. The most important thing is to provide your fish with proper living conditions since they need to survive this stressful situation.  Remember that relocation is stressful even for your fish. For this reason it is necessary to provide the closest to their natural salty habitat. Get enough plastic bags for fish and plants where you will store your fish during transportation. Soon, you will set up the tank into your new home and it will make it more beautiful.


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