What to look for in a good storage facility in Texas

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Getting a storage in Austin, TX

Storage facilities in Austin (also known as self storage or storage units) can be commercial or residential units where items are kept safe and free from decay. The quality of a storage facility is almost as important as the quality of goods stored in it since these units serve as a safety net for valuable items.

Heirlooms, irreplaceable treasures, or even grand pianos (and other items that cannot be replaced) should be stored in storage facilities for security and convenience. Storage units in Austin, TX must have good lighting, climate-controlled options, and proper access to goods to ensure that the items are in good condition during safekeeping.

What to look for in a good storage facility in Texas
The quality of a storage facility is almost as important as the quality of merchandise stored.

If you’re planning to rent a self storage unit for your belongings, whether it’s short or long term, there are a few things to look out for.

Security of storage units

The right storage unit offers modern security features such as keypad entry, video monitoring and surveillance cameras.

Available space

It’s also helpful to know how much storage unit sizes in Austin, TX there are before signing any contract. Take measurements beforehand whenever possible. This way, you’ll have an idea of what kind of building or area it is before having anything transported over there for you.


Good lighting is crucial when storing items inside a self storage space because it allows people to see what they have stored without digging through boxes.

Climate control

This is important since some items are susceptible to heat or cold. An item stored in a climate-controlled storage is less prone to damage and decay. Humidity and temperature should be regularly monitored, especially in Austin, TX where it reaches 5° in January to 15° in April on average.

Easy access in Austin, TX

An item should be easily accessible to the owner when he needs it, especially during urgent requests. Self storage units in Austin, TX should have options for delivering goods into and out of units on-demand or by special appointment. This will guarantee that no one but the person storing or retrieving their belongings ever touches them.

You need to also determine how much time it takes to get to your unit every day. In addition, check if there is any traffic involved when going to the storage facility. The heavy road traffic in Austin, TX can be a challenge for many so be sure to get to know first the location of storage locations you need to visit. Prioritize convenience over price or rental fee when it comes to your storage needs. For example, if driving out of town five days per week would not bother you, then perhaps searching for units near your work can help save money on gas.

What to look for in a good storage facility in Texas
You need to also determine how much time it takes to get to your unit every day.

Length of storage

You will want to understand how long you plan on storing your belongings. Make sure the service provider has long-term and short-term storage plans at your complete disposal throughout the year. Moreover, it should be willing to adjust to your needs and see whether they can arrive at an optimal solution.


Does the storage company maintain a relatively dust-free environment? Dirt is damaging to both humans and possessions, so you would need to inspect the storage locations first whenever possible.


Storage customers in Austin, TX must contact their local unit and ask them if they offer any discounts or promotions to new tenants. By doing this, they can save on the cost and decide on the right storage solution for their needs. Furthermore, before making any decision, compare prices from various units. The lowest prices don’t necessarily mean the best value. In this way, you’ll know exactly how much your storage should cost and which units provide the best value for your money.

Insurance coverage

You may rent storage solutions in Austin, TX with insurance coverage for a small fee. When buying insurance, consider the size of your belongings as well as their value and risk of damage or loss due to fire or other causes.

Customer service

A good storage unit in Austin, TX will take the time to listen and work with customers to find a solution that best suits their needs. During your call, tell them about the specific type you need such as commercial storage, vehicle storage, mini-storage, or self-storage unit. Enumerate your other requirements as well such as more space or larger unit size, a walk-in closet, and other restrictions.

What to look for in a good storage facility in Texas
Store antiques and artwork in a climate- and temperature-controlled environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about what to look for in a good self storage facility in Austin, TX

  1. Why should I use a storage unit?

    If you lack space or are thinking of changing your furniture, a storage facility in Austin is the right choice. In addition, if you have fragile, expensive, unique, or special items, you must hire a special team to handle them.

  2. Can a storage company accept vehicles?

    Yes. You need to keep it safe whether you have an old-timer, custom-made, sports, or any other kind of car that you use on rare occasions. While you are not driving it, it’s best to preserve your vehicle’s bodywork to avoid the rust that comes with outside weather.

  3. Does a storage company also pack belongings on behalf of the customer?

    Yes. You can ask them to pack everything for you if you want your storage experience to be as convenient and comfortable as possible.

  4. Why is it necessary to use a climate-controlled storage unit?

    You need to store antiques, wooden furniture, instruments, art, electronics, documents in a climate- and temperature-controlled environment. This is important to keep items in good condition. Stored items will also resist damage from heat, humidity, or any other weather condition in areas with very high temperatures.

  5. Where can I find a self storage unit near me?

    The easiest way to find your storage space unit is to check online with one of the movers of Austin TX companies or a local unit provider. Those are the only two viable options if you want to be sure you are renting from a legit warehouse business. Hence, browse online and check a few local choices.

  6. How do I narrow my choices of storage unit providers?

    Narrow your search down of storage units by comparing prices, services and reviews. Try to also obtain referrals or word of mouth from friends or coworkers. They’re likely to have hired the right storage unit for their needs. List them down on a priority and start calling one by one. Finally, the storage units in Austin must be licensed, so you know they’re following all the safety rules and regulations tied to self storage facilities and warehouse businesses.

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