Best tips for moving on a budget

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    Moving day comes around quickly, which means you’ll need to be prepared for it if it’s going to go smoothly! But for those who don’t know how to plan wisely, it can be a stressful and expensive process. 

    Some believe that by doing the packing and moving themselves, they can save a lot of money instead of hiring a packing and moving services company. However, the opposite is true in most cases, especially when you are clueless about safe moving or if it involves heavy lifting of appliances and furniture.

    Best tips for moving on a budget
    Some believe that by doing the packing and moving, they can save a lot of money instead of hiring a packing and moving services company.

    Best tips for moving on a budget

    Pack in advance

    Doing it all immediately before you leave can make things more complicated, frustrating, expensive, and likely to cause damage or loss to items being moved – especially if they’re fragile items, such as glassware, dishes, keepsakes, and other knick-knacks – because the last thing anyone wants is for them to arrive at their new home broken.

    If you’re hiring a mover, find out what moving supplies they offer and if there are any additional costs to consider. Some movers can give smaller items like boxes or specialty boxes, but others may charge for packing materials. Make sure you ask, so you don’t get caught off guard at move time with hidden charges. 

    Protect your belongings

    There is no magic formula to ensure your belongings survive transport intact – it’s just down to good preparation; making sure that everything fragile is adequately packed for shock absorption, labeled as “Fragile” on all sides and packed into sturdy boxes made of clean cardboard (not flimsy boxed cereal, soda or tissue).

    Best tips for moving on a budget
    Label boxes with “Fragile” on all sides.

    Stay organized

    Most moves can be expensive enough without having to pay for extra storage units. So, the most economical thing you can do is buy yourself some time between moving days by organizing your belongings before packing begins. That way things will be easier to find and transport – and won’t take up storage space at your old place. 

    Give yourself time to think through what you will need on moving day – mainly if you’re doing this with friends and family – and then group items into boxes that go together: all kitchen utensils in one box; bathroom stuff in another. 

    Make sure you know who is bringing what when the day comes by breaking down the tasks and allocating them to people ahead of time: e.g., “Joe, would you mind packing your room and getting it ready for transport?”

    Be familiar with your new neighborhood

    The best way to prepare for a move is simply by sitting down and planning it out thoroughly before you begin. Know the route from where you’re moving from to your new place so that you can get an idea of how long it will take on different days at different times. If there are any potential issues along the way – such as road closures or major construction wherever you need to go – make sure to give yourself some extra time for detours.

    Move during winter (or off-season, if possible)

    Want to save even more money? Try moving during winter or at least, at a less popular time of year. The peak season for movers is usually summer, but if you can avoid it, do so! This way, there will be fewer people competing for moving trucks, and there will probably be cheaper rates due to lack of demand since many people are away on vacation.

    Hire a professional moving company with good reviews

    If the new place looks like it will take way longer than expected to unpack, consider hiring some help for unpacking as well. Part of planning ahead is knowing when to spend the extra money and getting someone else involved in the process, which saves time and ensures everything gets moved safely at the end of the day. You can always return their services after moving day by offering to help them with unpacking.

    So, if you’re planning and staying organized enough, then professional moving assistance isn’t as expensive as it first appears: and remember that the expense will come back to you in time saved and convenience! Make sure you lookout for a company with excellent reviews online.

    Best tips for moving on a budget
    Hire a moving company.

    Frequently Asked Questions about moving on a budget

    1. Can overstuffing a delivery truck save me money?

    As well as being careful with your belongings inside the boxes themselves, pay attention to how full they are: don’t overload them because it will just mean more transportation time and effort for you – and more likelihood of damage to the items being moved.

    2. What if I just ask for help from friends and family when packing and moving?

    It’s likely you won’t save on the costs at all. There’s no guarantee that it’ll be as smooth and easy as how a professional mover would do for you. Besides, not everyone can load a grand piano into a truck or squeeze a couch into the doorway without damaging it.

    3. Do professional movers charge hidden fees?

    Unreliable movers won’t divulge hidden fees such as extra charges for stairs or elevators, cancellation policies, and fuel surcharges that might increase the cost of your quote by $50-$100 or more. So, it’s best to research movers in your area. Get quotes from at least three companies, and be sure to find out what each will charge for things like travel time, packing supplies, unloading services, and clean-up. Compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. 

    4. How can I lessen the stuff for the movers to transport?

    Go through your cupboards and donate extra canned goods to local soup kitchens or shelters, sell clothing or other items from Craigslist, eBay and/or a consignment shop in your area, donate books to charity and get rid of broken appliances, decor with sentimental value (you can always keep these things in storage until you move again) and any other objects you don’t need.

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