How to make moving less stressful

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    After weeks of searching, you’ve finally found your perfect house — and while you’re filled with enthusiasm, packing quickly may begin to wear on you. Moving is a very stressful experience. There’s so much to worry about and consider like packing, renting a truck, carrying furniture upstairs, and making sure it gets there in good condition. It all adds up to be overwhelming and stressful. 

    Having to move out of your current home and into another one also causes stress on its own but having to shop for a storage unit, pack everything up, and then unpack it later is just more pressure that people don’t need. Often, it leads to having so much stuff stored away than necessary because there isn’t anywhere else to put it, leaving them with unnecessary bills at the end of their contract period. 

    How to make moving less stressful
    You don’t need to feel the pressure when moving into a new home.

    Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. 

    How to make moving less stressful

    Let’s take a look at some ideas on how you can move without the hassle.

    Relax. Stress is normal

    To some degree, very little about moving goes according to plan, especially when you work with a local mover in Austin. Naturally, you will have to deal with the unexpected, so some stress is within your control. You can take steps to minimize stress by planning and giving yourself plenty of time for the move.

    Make a moving timeline

    First of all, it’s wise to make a moving timeline –– this will help you stay organized and focused. If you want to maintain a stress-free experience, the key is to plan ahead of time and avoid rushing at the last minute. It also helps to form a team with your loved ones so you can divide up chores during the move.

    Ensure your new home has been vacated

    It’s best to ensure that your new home is vacated before or on the day of arrival for your moving crew –– so plan accordingly! In most cases, there may be appliances that still need to be disconnected and removed and any items left behind by previous residents (such as trash).

    Call your insurance company

    Before the moving crew arrives, make sure to contact your insurance provider and ask them if any of your current plans will cover appliances you get installed at your new place. If your existing policy does not cover it, you can request an “end of term credit.” Also, many companies provide discounts for multiple policies (e.g., home and auto) or bundling (e.g., home, boat, car).

    Prepare packing boxes as soon as possible

    In addition to making a moving timeline, take time to prepare all required boxes as early as possible, preferably starting three days before the moving crew arrives. While this might seem like a lot of work, it will be worth it in the end. That’s because the more you prepare ahead of time, the smoother your move will be.

    How to make moving less stressful
    Prepare all required boxes as early as possible.

    Ask for help from friends and family

    You should also ask a few trusted people to visit your residence a day or two before moving day – this can help speed up the packing process, especially if you have a lot of belongings. Alternatively, you could also hire professional movers who offer boxes and supplies to make packing easier – which is recommended if you don’t feel confident doing everything yourself.

    Get organized

    Don’t forget that organization is critical during a move –– especially when working with a large group of people (i.e., movers). Not only will this help you get acquainted with your new home faster, but it will also prevent future headaches.

    Don’t put off important tasks

    Don’t procrastinate on important things to the moving process –– especially tasks that cause stress (e.g., removing your old appliances). If there are certain items you want to keep, then make sure to take care of them before moving day. Otherwise, it’s best to donate or sell anything that doesn’t fit into your new space.

    Organize and pack one room at a time

    Although packing for a whole home seems daunting, it’s much easier if broken down into sections by room. This way, you’ll deal with each project as its entity rather than having to think of packing and moving as one big job. In addition, you can divide responsibilities with partners, friends or family members who help out, which reduces the weight of the task on each individual.

    How to make moving less stressful
    It’s much easier if you break down your packing into sections by room.

    Pack a box for charity

    If you’re not sure what to put in a donation box, start with items in good condition but don’t mean anything to you anymore. Donated goods typically go to organizations dedicated to helping individuals transition from homelessness into housing situations of their own. To avoid having your donations wind up in a landfill somewhere instead of being recycled, do some research about where your extra household items will be best utilized before packing them up for good.

    Break down the moving process into stages

    Moving day is hectic enough, but this stress can be compounded if you don’t break it into smaller, less intimidating tasks. Start by gathering boxes well before your move to create a slow build-up of activity that will lead up to the day itself. If you’re hiring professionals to handle the job for you, ask questions about how they like their tasks broken down before committing. Ask about whether they need to visit the house beforehand or if even only one member of the moving team needs to enter the home at any given time.

    Check off everything on your list as you pack or unpack it

    Your packing checklist will help keep track of what has been completed and what still needs to be done. Holding yourself accountable can save time in the long run since you won’t have to backtrack over things later!

    Pack one box at a time rather than multiple boxes all at once

    This will allow you to work out any kinks or layout a plan of attack as needed. If more people are packing, consider rotating responsibilities for different items (e.g., packing your glassware, electronics, kitchen items).

    Hire a full service moving company in Austin

    Whether you’re hiring professionals or renting a moving truck, make sure to read all of the rental conditions and terms before you sign the contract. If possible, it’s best to be especially familiar with their potential extra charges (e.g., parking tickets) and cancellation policies as well as what is and isn’t included in the rental (e.g., mileage).

    Frequently Asked Questions about how to make moving less stressful

    1. How can I best prepare my stuff on moving day?

    Moving is an exhausting process. Because you’ll be carrying lots of boxes and furniture up the stairs, keeping track of everything can sometimes be difficult unless someone is there to help keep things in order. If you want to make the experience as easy as possible, consider bringing along an overnight bag with all your essentials inside – toiletries, clothes,., so you won’t have to worry about going home at the end of the day. This way, you won’t have to go back and forth from your new place with a bulky suitcase.

    2. What’s the best way to organize on moving day?

    Organize all items into piles based on rooms in the house/apartment, so it will be easy to take inventory of what belongs where. Once each room has been separated by its belonging, take inventory of what belongs where. Make sure nothing gets left behind when packing! Try labeling boxes in their destination room/area so you will know where to put them. This step is important because it will help you determine what items you can get rid of and which ones you need to bring along for the ride. 

    3. How can I start packing when I’m too busy?

    For most people, the temptation is to pack everything at once because that is what we see on TV. If you were to do just an hour of packing per day, you’ll see how fast it can get done when timed correctly. Packing in moderation makes moving less stressful and much more manageable.

    4. How can I be less stressed on moving day?

    Get enough sleep. The night before moving day, make sure that you get at least seven hours of sleep, give or take one hour (the ideal amount varies by person). Staying up late will not save you more packing time. In addition, lack of sleep also affects your decision-making abilities as well as your moods. It’s best if you have gotten enough rest so that you can handle anything that may come up along the way.

    5. Why is it important to hire professional moving services in Austin?

    It is important to hire professional moving services. If you want to be free from worrying about storage issues as well as possible damage to your belongings, hire a moving company that specializes in packing and transporting all kinds of household items. When hiring a local moving company, for example, hire a service provider with a fleet of reliable vehicles and teams who have been trained for years, so they know how to handle every type of furniture and appliance. 

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