Important things to know when moving your business

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    Moving the enterprise office can be a stressful time not just for the CEO but for the staff as well. It requires a lot of planning, but it is essential to make sure your new location is successful. 

    The length of time it takes to move a business depends on the size and type of company.  For example, an LLP law firm has over three times more employees than a small professional services company, which may have only one or two people working in its office space.

    In addition, other factors such as permitting agencies, state laws, and access to utilities influence the moving process. Some companies have been able to finish their relocation within just four weeks while others took up to half a year.

    Important things to know when moving your business
    The length of time it takes to move a business depends on size and type of company. 

    How moving your business is different from moving out of your home

    Moving your business is different from moving personal belongings because it entails special permits that take months to obtain. If you have any federal, state, or local licenses or permits, be sure to update them with the proper agencies such as the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, and city and county offices. 

    It can take a few days or even weeks to get things up and running again when a business transfers to a new location. That’s why you need to check if your company equipment is working before you leave to avoid being stuck in front of your desks waiting for computers to load.

    Moving your business also needs a lot of coordination with the staff, especially if it’s a large organization. If employees do not take the necessary steps when moving their office, they could find themselves in a very uncomfortable environment and create an even bigger inconvenience for customers.

    Finally, moving your office items such as desks and file cabinets can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you have heavy equipment such as large printers or filing cabinets.

    Important things to know when moving your business

    We’ve compiled a list of important information to consider before moving your company. These suggestions can assist you and your staff in making a smooth transfer.

    1. Be sure that all employees know who is involved in the move, so everyone knows what is expected of them. If you are able to, get one person in charge of each department who can work with the employees under their area to get everything sorted out. This will help lessen the workload on just a few people when moving day comes around.

    Important things to know when moving your business
    Be sure that all employees know who is involved in the move.

    2. Your employees will be under enough stress with all the preparations and packing that goes into it without adding to their stress by having to work late or going to work early. By letting them go about their normal business as much as possible, they can focus on what they need to do.

    3. Conduct an office move during your off-business hours, if possible. Moving the business and yourself is a time-consuming and stressful process. You want to save as much of your working time as you can for things like making sales calls and doing the books; not the actual moving part.

    4. Make sure you have a firm date for the move before you tell your employees. There’s nothing that will get your staff more stressed out than having to figure out if they have child care arrangements in place, are going to be able to take time off without being docked pay, etc. When giving notice of the upcoming office move, make sure everyone knows exactly when the date is so they can plan accordingly.

    5. Packing should start immediately upon setting the moving date rather than waiting until the last minute. Packing early will help manage some of that stress because it’s one less thing sitting on your shoulders at crunch time while you’re trying to coordinate movers and pack up boxes while still making sales calls and doing taxes. Plus, this way you’ll have more time to pack and unpack properly without feeling rushed.

    Important things to know when moving your business
    Packing should start immediately upon setting the moving date rather than waiting until the last minute.

    6. When packing, consider special items such as your phone system, computer equipment and anything else that might need special care when being moved. The office movers should be able to take care of these things if they’re not too heavy or large but it’s good to know in advance what they will do and how much effort on your part is needed.

    7. Hire a moving crew that can provide full service within one organization rather than through two separate companies. In this case, let the moving company also provide packing services. This will save you some money because they can provide a better rate for bundled services.

    8. When you arrive at your new office location, make sure all vehicles and vehicles used for transporting boxes are parked legally to avoid any fines and penalties from local authorities. Make sure all employees know about parking procedures and ensure that these rules are followed every single time.

    9. Create a space for each employee to take all his personal items. It will be much easier for everyone if they have a separate area where they can take their stuff instead of having them pack everything up into boxes and move it out again.

    Frequently Asked Questions about things to know when moving your business

    1. What can cause delays in moving a business’ location?

    Relying on your employees to do the packing and moving can cause stress, confusion and a lot of time. You don’t want to suspend your operations just because you can’t organize a better moving process. Hire a moving company in Austin, for instance, to get you up to speed.

    2. Where do we store our files and documents if our additional cabinets aren’t available in the new office?

    You need to contact a short-term storage provider in Austin to take care of your storage needs.

    3. How can I best organize cords when packing?

    After detaching, coil them and secure them with duct tape around. Then, label them according to the equipment they belong to. 

    4. What’s the best time to move the office?

    Companies prefer evenings or weekends when the business is closed.

    5. How early should I book a moving company in Austin for my business?

    As early as possible, especially if you’re looking into moving during the peak season.

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