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    After months of planning, budgeting, and never-ending packing, it’s just days before moving day when you’d finally move into a new home. Relocation sure gets you excited, but it can also be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to expect on this big day.

    If it’s your first time to move with your kids, or you’re a fresh college grad trying to make it big in NYC, even the prepared homeowners or apartment renters can become overnight worrywarts when moving day is fast approaching. After all, it’s more than just cardboard boxes and packing tape that you’ll be dealing with.


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    But even with so many things that may go wrong on such a day, there’s no room for fretting and becoming a bundle of nerves when you do your part in ensuring a smooth relocation together with the support of full-service movers in Austin.

    Here’s a complete list of what to do on your moving day and avoid being overwhelmed and exhausted.

    What to do on your moving day

    1. Rise earlier than usual.

    It’s a busy day ahead, so there’s no reason to have a lie-in. When you’ve prepared early, it will keep you from rushing once the moving crew arrives to pack your things. Depending on the boxes, appliances, and other stuff that will be transported, it’s most likely that you’ll need a lot of energy for this day.

    Besides, you still have to pack at the last minute to accommodate items you still need before moving out, such as beddings and toiletries. So have your coffee and make sure to get in a good mood because there’s so much to accomplish on this day.

    2. Keep your moving day checklist on hand.

    Even with a moving company to get most things off your plate, you’re still in command of this day. After all, these are your stuff. But the last thing that you want is to miss out on the essential things that should get in the truck.

    Are all the boxes labeled? Did you sort your valuables properly? Are there no items hidden on shelves or in closet corners? Do you have enough to tip your movers?

    Mark each item on your checklist once completed to keep you on track of your progress.

    3. Check if all items to be left are protected.

    The last thing you want is to lose your security deposit because of damages to the property during your moving-out day. Attach foam paddings to door frames, place corner guards on applicable spots, cover floors and carpets with protectors or large cardboard. Then don’t forget to take these off once all things are loaded in the truck.

    4. Check if your “first 24-hour box” is packed and ready.

    You’ll be jaded once you get settled in your new home, so be sure to have your important stuff easily accessible. It should contain bathroom essentials (shampoo, soap, toilet paper, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel), bedroom must-haves (blankets, pillows, shirts and underwear), food and meal items (mugs, plates, water bottle), tech gadgets (mobile phones, laptop, chargers) and medications.

    5. Put aside items not for loading.

    To keep the crew from loading the wrong boxes, be sure to set them aside in a separate room to avoid confusion. This includes your jewelry and valuables, personal mobile gadgets, door keys, and documents.

    6. Keep your kids away when the moving crew arrives.

    Since it’s difficult to move out with the kids running around, you can take them to your neighbor, friend or relatives to watch them for you during the day. If no one’s available, you can keep them inside the room and busy with their gadgets or toys until all of your stuff are loaded in the truck.

    7. Find a convenient parking spot for the moving truck.

    Ideally, you need to keep the front portion of your property reserved for the moving truck to park. The closer it is to your home, the faster the move-out will be. Don’t forget to keep the pathways free from obstacles (potted plants, children’s toys, garbage bins) and potential hazards. Take off chimes hanging in your doorway since these will impede the crew’s way when going in and out of the house.

    8. Welcome your moving crew.

    When they arrive, show them around the house and accompany them when performing an inventory of your goods. They will ask if you have special concerns or requests, such as special items that need to be packed as well as things that will be left behind. If there are other issues such as time concerns, packing rules and fees, and other homeowners’ association policies, inform them ahead of time.

    9. Read the documents thoroughly before signing.

    You will be handed documents that include an order for service, bill of lading, list of inventory, and other information. Clarify with the crew if you have any questions (especially on the moving quotes in Austin) before signing the documents. Remember to keep the bill of lading until all of your packages arrive in your new home.

    10. Prepare your tools on hand.

    Your moving crew will bring all the moving supplies needed. But it’s still convenient to have an extra rope, scissors, packing tape and trash bags with you just in case they need something more.

    11. Don’t micromanage.

    The moving crew are experts in what they do. So, there’s no need to get in their way. However, make sure to stay close to them in case they have something to ask from you.

    12. Make a final walk-through.

    Before heading out, do one last check of your place. Open all your cabinets, drawers and closets. Check each room if there’s still something left. If you’re leaving behind appliances in your rented unit, make sure everything is in good condition. Make sure that there are no leftovers inside the fridge and unplug all cords. Leave the place in good condition as a sign of respect to the next occupants.

    13. Relax (It’s going to be okay).

    Breathe. Listen to your favorite music. Focus on the good things about to happen. You’ve done enough preparation, and must rely on your moving crew to carry this through.

    A good moving company will exceed your expectations and provide you with excellent service. So, stay calm, and everything will be okay.

    Now that you know what to anticipate on your moving day, trust that this will be a great experience as you close all the doors and wave farewell to your old home!


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