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As the moving day draws closer you need to start thinking about how you are going to handle various moving tasks. There’s a lot to do and time is running short. You need to find a quality Westlake moving company Austin, plan your entire relocation, take care of your utilities, say goodbye to neighbors and so much more. But arguably, one of the most time-consuming tasks in relocation is packing. It takes a while to plan, shop for supplies and execute. So, the more prepared you are the better. One area where you need to pay special attention is how to pack your child’s room. What to pack? What to leave behind? And how to help and support your child through the process.

Make sure you pay attention to your child throughout the moving process

Before we begin the packing process, you need to pay a little extra attention to your child. That’s because no matter how hard the move is for you, it’s harder for the little ones. Especially if they spent their entire life in that home so far. This is a big change and it can be emotionally difficult. So, even before you start looking for long distance movers Austin and go shopping for packing supplies, have a talk with your child. Easing a child into a change will make things much easier.

family packing child's room together
Involve your child in the packing process

Involve your child when you pack their room

One of the best ways to minimize the stress of moving for a child is to involve them in the packing process. Kids often feel powerless before a move. And the bigger the change, the bigger the burden is. Especially if you are moving far away, to a different climate, or anywhere your child isn’t excited about. and the more involved they are, the better they feel. As an added bonus, you will have an extra pair of hands helping you pack your kid’s room and it can also be a fun activity.

Declutter the room together with your kid

A great way to save some money on relocation before movers and packers Austin arrive, is to declutter beforehand. Get rid of all the items you no longer need, so there are fewer items to pack and transport. But that can be tricky when it comes to a kid’s room. There are bound to be more than a few toys that your child has outgrown and no longer uses. But, children can also stay attached to those toys for a long period of time. That’s why it’s important to do this process together. So, before you pack your child’s room, go through all the toys with them. Talk about leaving some toys behind.

Separate the toys into two piles. One pile for all the toys that your child must take with them, and another with the toys that could be left behind. You need to find a balance here. You aren’t going to agree on every toy. So be patient. Toys that are left behind can be donated or gifted. If you too aren’t ready to part with them, a good solution is to find climate controlled storage Austin and keep them out of your home but safe. That way, years down the road, you both will be able to remember all the wonderful moments.

toys representing decision you will have to make when you pack your child room
Together with your child decide which toys can be gifted, donated, or put in storage

Sort shoes and clothes before you start to pack

This next part will mostly be left to your judgment, but it’s still a good idea to have your child around. That way you can easily see if the clothes you are about to pack can still fit them or not. Gift or donate clothing items that no longer fit. It’s a good time to separate seasonal clothes, so you can put items you don’t want cluttering your new home into your storage space Austin. Also, make sure you leave at least one pair of clothes unpacked just in case your child needs to change clothes during a relocation. Put them in your essentials box that will be traveling with you.

Follow the plan when you pack your child’s room

Children’s rooms are usually so full of toys, clothes, books, and games that it can be a real nightmare to pack everything. So you need to have a plan of action. Don’t go packing randomly as that will only take much more time. One good idea is to use plastic bins for toys, books, and games. They will keep the items safe and can be easily reused. So, visit your local hardware store or ask your interstate movers Texas if they can rent them to you. Again, go through your belongings as you pack them and decide once more what can be left behind.

family having fun before they pack child's room
Take things slowly, follow your plan and you will pack your child’s room in no time

When packing large toys and game consoles, it’s always best to pack them in their original boxes. That way they will take up less space and will be very well protected during the move. For fragile toys that don’t have their own boxes make sure you use plenty of bubble wrap and don’t put them in boxes with other fragile or heavy toys. Use plush toys to fill empty spaces.

After all it is not hard to pack your kids’ room before moving

A good plan of action is very important when undertaking any big task. But this time, the difference is that you’ll have to pay special attention to your kid. It’s not your items you are packing, they are theirs also. It’s important to go slow and be patient. Moving can be stressful for children, and if you completely take away control over their own toys it can be even harder. Likewise, there will be some decisions that you will have to make, even though your child disagrees. But once you find that balance, the entire process is straightforward. It does take a little bit of time to pack your child’s room, but if you make it interesting and do it with your kid, it can be fun.


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