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Investing in a rental property is something people do when they want to create a steady income for a certain period of time. Like many property investments, purchasing a home for rent can be a risky thing to do. Nonetheless, as they say – a high reward comes to those that take high risks. However, if you have a rental property, this means that you only need to spend money on its improvement or maintenance. These improvements or maintenance can actually still cost you more than you would think. Because of that, today we discuss budget-friendly home improvements for your Austin rental property. If you need help with moving certain items in or out of the house, you can consider hiring movers TX to help you do it properly. Moving items safely is as important as properly approaching the redecoration of your rental property in Austin.

Budget-friendly home improvements you need to implement in your rental property

Unlike the home you live in, the rental property is home to other people. However, just because you rent this home to other people does not mean that you do not have responsibilities to it. In fact, when you have renters in your home, this is when you have the most responsibilities. Namely, as a homeowner, and a landlord, it is your duty to ensure that the structural integrity, as well as the aesthetics part of the home, remain intact and in good shape. If you are changing renters, you should utilize the opportunity to improve your current home. Luckily, most rental properties only require surface-level improvements. Of course, there are those that will require more work, but most of the time, you will have to deal with scratched or dirty walls, a few broken handles, or broken furniture. Sometimes, a more serious issue might slip up, of course.

Repainting the home

Repainting is the basis for a new home look. Although simple, changing the color of the walls can change the feeling of the entire home. More importantly, repainting your rental home is not very expensive, but it does have a big effect on the home.

a couple painting a wall together to represent budget-friendly home improvements you can implement
A fresh coat of paint will shine a new light into the home and cover up any wall stains or scratches

So, as your current renters exit your property, start by choosing a new color for your home. Of course, if you have enough time, you can also repaint the exterior of a home. Generally, you would want to aim to incorporate colors that will help you open up the rooms more and make them more comfortable. You can also hire hourly movers Austin to help you move the items from the household to a safe place until you finish repainting the entire home. Finally, as you finish painting the house, start leaving open windows in every room you paint so it will dry up quicker.

It is time to upgrade the floors

Many people that decide to rent a home opt for carpets in their rental properties. Although this might seem more convenient and comfortable, it is actually not money-wise. First and foremost, you will have to spend a lot of money constantly cleaning the carpet. Secondly, in case of an accident, the carpet can easily catch fire, for example. Upgrading your floors will cost you somewhere between $1.500, up to $10.000, depending on what you desire. Basically, it is best to choose wooden floors as your new floor. Furthermore, you can also place tiles in bathrooms and kitchen, carpets in the bedroom, and wooden floors in the rest of the house. Additionally, the reason floor upgrades are budget-friendly home improvements is because they will not require a lot of attention once done. If you have a piano, for example, hire piano movers Austin to safely move it without damaging the floors.

Home security is always a good option when it comes to home improvements

There is never too much safety. To benefit you, as well as your future tenants, installing security systems will surely pay off. Not only will this security system ensure that people living in your home are safe; but it will keep your house safe even if you are not renting it at the moment.

a door handle with a very strong security system
From the more secure door to fire alarms and security cameras – the safety of tenants is very important

Home security can incorporate several different ways to protect it. So, if safe movers Austin relocated a safe there, you will need to install:

  • Security cameras in the house and outside of it
  • Alarms around the house
  • Smoke detectors
  • Wi-fi accessible doorbell cameras
  • Sensor activated alarms

Changing the lighting

Changing the lighting is not going to cost you a lot. However, this will depend on the project you want to do. Basically, once you change the floors and wall colors, changing the lighting sort of goes with it. Lighting can create a whole different vibe in a room. From installing new light fixtures to opening up the windows in each room, work on the lighting. As you work, you can hire moving services Austin to safely pack the chandeliers and lighting you are taking off. Maybe they can be sold.

Create a more accessible garage

The garage in your rental home might not have enough space to serve as both a storage and to park cars. If you do not have any additional storage facility on the property, the garage should do just fine.

a white car in front of a two door garage
If there is no additional facility on the property for storage, the garage will do; but it will need cleaning and improving first

If there are any vehicles there, you can transport them to the car storage Austin before clearing the garage and improving slight details about it. Things like new lights and repainting should be more than enough. Do not forget to place a camera in the garage, as well.

All of the items you take out while implementing budget-friendly home improvements can make you money

Instead of throwing everything away, how about you store them somewhere safe by contacting storage solutions Austin? Some of the items, especially the ones in good shape can be easily sold. That way, these budget-friendly home improvements for your rental property can actually make you some money.

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