What should I expect on delivery day?

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    You may be moving across the city or into another country, and you’ve been awaiting the day that your stuff will be finally delivered to your new home by full-service movers in Austin. Yet, despite everything, you still feel jittery about this big day: whether the movers will arrive on time, if they’ll handle your belongings with care, if they can deliver them safely to your new home, if there will be any hidden costs or additional fees, and so on. 

    Yes, this is part of the moving process, but you should trust your professional moving company to help take the stress out of your move. Professional movers know what they are doing and will perform your relocation as safely and efficiently as possible. So, relax – the move will go according to plan.

    What happens on delivery day?

    What to expect on delivery day
    Too many homeowners are clueless about what to do on this day

    Once the time and date are confirmed, the moving company will schedule their arrival. When your possessions arrive at your new home, the movers will unload your belongings and put them in the location that you had planned. You’ll be responsible for checking your things against the inventory list and ensuring that nothing is lost or damaged.

    When you have decided where everything should go, they will carry your belongings to the rooms where they belong. They are trained with shifting big weights with care to avoid damaging your walls, flooring, and other furniture.

    But because too many homeowners are clueless about what to do on this day, here are the best tips to get you ready with the moving companies in Austin.

    What you need to do on delivery day

    Inform your neighbors about your delivery day schedule

    This is especially important if you are moving into a busy neighborhood with narrow streets, making it difficult for everyone to get around. If your neighbors know where you are moving ahead of time they can plan accordingly for the move and make sure their children stay inside or cross the street at certain times. By letting them know where you will be moving, you are helping them out, making the move easier for everyone involved.

    Contact the moving company if there’s an emergency

    Call the moving service as soon as there’s an issue with you, or if there are changes in your schedule so they can adjust their delivery accordingly.

    Take hold of your Bill of Lading

    Before your belongings leave your old home, the professional moving company driver will provide you with a Bill of Lading that details all of the terms and conditions of your relocation, as well as the services performed and the anticipated date of arrival. Along with other additional documents that may be provided, keep these on hand.

    Clear corridors, hallways, and doorways

    This step needs to be taken care of prior to or on the morning of your move for it to go smoothly. If not, you and the moving crew will be frustrated at the time wasted for taking care of this task once they arrive. 

    Pay the moving crew driver before the goods are unloaded

    If you have a written agreement that allows you to pay later, you can pay when the goods are unloaded after inspecting them. But if you do not have an agreement, you must either pay on delivery of the goods or give the moving crew driver a letter addressed to the trucking company or its agent telling them where and when you will pay for unloading. This letter must be written before delivery of the goods, be signed by you and inform them that they can not unload your items until you have paid the driver or they have received notice that you have done so, and state exactly where and when payment will be made. This is important because if the moving crew is not paid for their work, they may refuse to unload your items or hold onto them until payment has been made. 

    Mark off each package on your inventory list as each item is moved in

    Although it rarely happens, you’ll never know what might slip past the moving crew during delivery day. On your inventory list, make sure to note every single scratch or dent on the boxes, along with how it happened and when it occurred. If you sign an inventory list without pointing out the damages to the goods, you will essentially be saying that everything is in order and there are no problems. But when you have a list of every single scratch or dent in your inventory, you might have a case if something goes missing or gets damaged along the way. Make sure that you get a copy of your signed inventory sheet.

    Check the condition of the furniture and appliances together

    Be with the moving crew when checking out each item before they set it down into the home. This is especially important if there is something valuable or irreplaceable in any of the boxes. If the moving company sees that an item is visibly damaged on the outside, this could act as proof when you file a complaint. However, moving companies will always take full responsibility for any damage to any of your belongings committed on their part during the moving process.

    Pay attention to valuable items

    If you have anything of very high value, such as silver, works of art, etc., unpack these items immediately and check for concealed damage. If there is any, refuse the items and call their office to let them know that these items will be refused since they were damaged when they arrived in your new home. 

    Ask for the final Statement of Services

    When transporting long distances, your moving crew should issue you with this document at the delivery date. This statement lists the actual weight and service charges of your goods.

    Conduct a walk-through before your moving crew leaves

    If you fail to do a walk-through before your crew leaves, then it will be difficult or impossible to file a damage claim after the fact. If you are not present at the time of the walk-through, however, it is up to you to do your best to find a witness who saw the damage being done.

    Review the inventory list before signing it

    You should never sign the inventory list without checking it thoroughly first because you will be held responsible for anything that is checked off on the list. If something is missing, then your household goods might not be insured, which means you could lose money if an accident involving your property occurs during transport. Even worse, if something happens to one of the boxes and you can’t prove that it was there beforehand, then their insurance won’t pay out at all even though they are supposed to take responsibility for your belongings. You should also make sure that everything is in good condition or ask for a repair nearby if necessary before signing over the rights to the moving company. 

    Be patient

    It is important to remember that your movers are trying their best to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember, they have been on the road all day, likely with a full truck, so try not to be impatient if there seems to be a delay in starting at the new location. If it is hot outside, make sure everyone has plenty of water and breaks before continuing, this will keep morale up and possibly prevent any injuries or accidents from occurring, which would cause a significant delay. 

    Tip the Movers

    Remember that tipping is not an obligation. If you’re happy with the moving company’s services, leave a tip to show your appreciation for such tough work. We recommend 10-20%.


    What to expect on delivery day
    You should never sign the inventory list without checking it thoroughly first

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about what to do on your moving day

    1. What should I do if the moving crew is late?

    If your movers are late, you should attempt to contact them. You can also call customer support at the company that hired them to inquire about the status of the move. 

    2. Is unpacking included in a full-service package?

    Yes, they will pack everything if you’re paying for a full-service move that includes packing. However, we always recommend packing any sentimental or valuable goods for safety. If you have jewelry, laptops, passports, or other valuables to bring with you, please do so. It’s usually preferable to be safe than sorry.

    3. What if they damage my things or property during the move-in?

    If this happens to you, don’t panic. The law requires that movers have property and liability insurance to cover the damaged property. If you find damages to any of the items listed, make sure you write down everything that was damaged, what number it is on your inventory list and if possible take a picture of the damage. Keep all receipts for each item as you may be asked to prove its value during an insurance claim. Take photographs of the damage as soon as possible and notify the office of the mover you chose. They will begin the claims procedure immediately after receiving your report.

    4. Should I help them unload and unpack?

    It generally depends on what agreement you have regarding how to handle your belongings. If you wish to take charge of the movers, there is a method for you to do so. If you have additional special requirements, talk to the moving crew on moving day, and he will take care of it. Remember to be courteous at all times.

    5. Should I tip my movers?

    It isn’t required to tip them, but appreciating their excellent service through tipping will be greatly appreciated. However, if they fail to meet your expectations, then it’s okay not to give anything. You can leave your tip on a credit card or pay in cash at the end of your move. If tipping isn’t in the budget, a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook is a great idea to show how much you appreciated your movers. 

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